Yet another quitting Eve post (Yawn)

I know you don’t care about the why, so lets get down to brass tacks: stuff.

First of all, temper your expectations. I do not have a lot of ‘stuff’. I was inclined to give away things I’m not using even when my career began, though I don’t give things away unless I identify that someone has a particular need of that particular thing to put it to good use.

My ships are either industrial in nature, or battlecruiser sized at the largest. I fly Gallente craft, as befits my origin and place of residence. I have a random smattering of various bits and bobs, none of which are particularly exceptional. If they were, I’d probably have given them to someone already. I own a couple structures, and I own a jump freighter, which I imagine to be my most expensive asset.

Whether I’ve named it or not, if there’s a thing you want and you can convince me you want it for good reason, then I may bestow it on you, if I have it. To convince me proper, you’ll have to show you intend to do something interesting with the item in question. I would also consider it acceptable if you intend to use it to help one or more newbros in some field other than mining in safe space (whether that safe space is in highsec or not).

I own 3 structures which folk may be able to employ as war HQs, though they lack a core and will not entirely defray the expense of setting one up. None of these structures are in highsec at present, however, so you would need to move them to use them for that purpose. I am not opposed to them being used for their intended industrial purpose, but I don’t think it likely an industrial group will meet my other requirements.

I probably have some money, but likely only around a billion or so and I’m unlikely to just throw money at people for the same reason that gifting money at Christmas is lame. I may make an exception for a very good cause, however.

Priority will be given to my existing friends who intend to keep playing, of course, and I will retain some personal effects. I’m not looking to obliterate myself. I just don’t want to play this game anymore. I will not be extracting my skill points, so confine your requests to items of modest value.

I know this isn’t exactly an impressive giveaway, but it would be remiss of me not to make the offer just in case I can find a better use for some of these things than to have them sit on my hanger floor for the indefinite future.

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Always tempting. Unfortunately, I probably already have everything I need. More or less. There is only so much you can ever use and/ or maintain.

I am JF-capable but have never bought one. Trained an alt for the cyno, but never fired one up. Did dabble in LS structures for reactions but couldn’t keep them up. PHEW rule the roost across the two and a half LS regions most relevant to me, so trying again is probably not a goer. Only been to nul three times. Died once. So can’t see relevance of any structures there either.

Can always use more isk, as I self-insure. No insurance on ships, ever, and I always need a decent float to recover from inevitable HS bash. When it comes. But, 1 B doesn’t cover replacement of rigs. So that’s no use to me really either.

Trick about cores tho is if you decommission and redeploy structures now, before Oct 13, you don’t need one. I just pulled one down in a moon system as I wasn’t using it. This just before I discovered HS moons will be the only effective sources of pyerite and mexallon after the redistribution. Also discovered this week that Edencom fortress sites actually have easy access to rakovene and talassonite. Soooo, I was wondering whether to put an athanor up in a moon system that was also a fortress system. And then making it public access for reprocessing/ use of any moon belts. Which doesn’t fit your criterion of helping others outside of mining in a “safe” place.

TL;DR. Thanks for offer, but unfortunately don’t think I can use anything, including not in the manner you intend.

PS. On reflection, I will take any and all BPO/ BPC. And, if you have a list of folks you would like supplied with BPC, happy to oblige.

I like Vexors and Catalysts, but I can’t think of any reason you should give me one :thinking:

Who is the next contestant?

One seems a bit modest to be a serious request, but if you want one and would be willing to go to Dixie or thereabouts to claim it, I can arrange it. If you have a minimum number to make it worth your while, name it, and I’ll decide whether I want to grant or deny the revised request.

se ya
have fun o/

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I will fly wherever to pick it up. I always appreciate gifts. Yeah, I can buy catalysts, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to get a present!

I will make sure you receive something, then.

Thx :slight_smile:

What are you doing with your lore items? Truth be told, I don’t know why I feel compelled to collect that stuff, so I can’t give you a good or interesting reason other than I always need more junk in my junk drawer. Anyway, I’ll take that stuff if you don’t have anything better to do with it.

I tend to like to keep those items as ‘personal effects’, but it may be possible for me to part with something of interest to you, if that’s something you like. I will have to have a look in my ‘special stuff’ box and give you a list later.

Whatever’s clever. Anyway, sorry to see you go. Hopefully, you’ll be lured back in a few years.

Thanks, Mr. Jones. I like you, too.

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Could use some Battlecruisers if you have any . Want to teach newer players how to live in Lowsec and have some fights . Sorry to see you go .

Hopefully you will return to this beautiful game

Just started to play a few days ago so it’s sad to see another player leaving… Not really asking for anything but I hope you enjoy your retirement.

@Qia_Kare - May I suggest you give your stuff to:

I would also like to say that I have no problem at all getting money for Christmas. I gratefully accept anything.

Sorry to see you go, but fair winds and following seas to you. o7

I do care a little, but that isn’t the topic of this thread.

Fly safe then! If you change your mind some day, we’ll be happy to see you again!


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It is always a bit strange when somebody with a good attitude says they are quitting.

. . . maybe this is their first time quitting and they don’t realize that everybody comes back.


I’ll take an exotic dancer or two if you have any spare, or a damsel. I use them for providing more interesting killmails to anyone who manages to catch me.

All the best.

Does the gender matter? If not, I am fairly (but not totally) certain I have some of these. I remember I bought a fairly overpriced at the time Victoreux Luxury Yacht from a wheeler and dealer in Dodixie because there was supposed to be a ‘mystery prize’ in it. Certainly junk, I thought, but why not waste some isk. There was nothing, and I was disappointed. However, the seller provided me with some dancers when I raised the issue in local and made it all better. These would be the dancers I likely still have.

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