Yet another quitting Eve post (Yawn)

When it comes to helping people, I prefer to help one individual at a time rather than abstract it with a donation to a third party, though I have not ruled that out if I still retain a significant number of assets without personal significance when it comes time to go.

I think that people have wants and needs that can only be satisfied on an individual level, and providing individual care through careful consideration of an individual is perhaps the only skill I possess that is possibly ‘special’.

I’ve replied to Xeux, Jones, and Severus because they’ve made modest requests of personal significance. I know these people from the time I’ve spent on the forums. There’s something I appreciate about being able to say “I think you should have this because you are uniquely you.”

Once I have sorted out every individual in all their uniqueness, I will consider my more abstracted options.

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I’m an equal opportunities employer. :slight_smile:

You’re just hoping to hit the jackpot with the @Mortlake special bikini edition.

@Qia_Kare, fly safe wherever you end up.


Bummer… May you always find Clear Skies!

Do you by chance own any pieces of female clothing? Some have been retired from the store and any donation to help dress my girls would be appreciated! :raising_hand_woman:t2:

I’m afraid the Eve clothing was not my style so I did not make an effort to retain anything special. Clothing, skins, or other items of cosmetic purpose I gave to people who liked those particular items but missed the event during which they were distributed.

Ask and ye shall receive.

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That’s NSFL


Nice sun glare.

Well…I’m not quitting per se - but recent changes have definitely inspired (or rather UNinspired) me to take a bit of a holiday. The idea of multiboxing is definitely going to be a dying strategy in Eve Online. Well, you know, that’s ok: I’ve always been happy to pay a sub for my main toon and tbh the whole multibox thing started as a way of avoiding boredom when either solo ganking in lo-sec or playing cat-and-mouse with relic sites in WH when I first did it. BUT…

…Suddenly, as a result of taking on an industry/market-dedicated toon, the possibility of funding a reckless small lo-sec pirate corp with a couple of mates, regardless of how crap we were at it to start with, became real. Also the market/industry side of Eve turned out to be (or was until very recently) just as fascinating and challenging in its own way as all the other, more audience-friendly versions of PvP. For a while there we felt like we were really able to run a small-scale version of the Blue Donut conglomerates, whilst still keeping all the the adrenaline-filled danger that only a small corp can provide.

Now, to leap to the defence of CCP, I will say that no independent company in this space (sic) can possibly survive without constantly paying attention to their income from subs…so I get the reason they seem to have been hobbling first the market and now industry via the latest resources redistribution strategy…and it seems quite reasonable to me that they may have based some of their changes this year in an effort to look after a hrdcore of null-sec power blobs. I guess I just worry that it’s very likely to blow up in their face.

Now, I’m NOT quitting Eve Online. What I am doing is taking a bit of a back seat for a few months. I have three accounts (plus some alts) and my main toon will stay as a paid-up toon. The other two accounts (and alts) will hibernate…

I love this game. I always have. And I thought I always would. Goodness knows I’ve spent a good chunk of my life playing it…I’ll never forget the times when even typing GF was hard because my hands were shaking so much! (tell me another game that does that) .

But, for the very first time since I joined with my first toon (now long gone) in around 2007, I really do fear for the future of the game. I just don’t think it can just become a sophisticated pew pew game and survive, without truly embracing all it’s playstyles.

Ok. Have at it…and no, there’s no stuff for anyone to have lol.

It’s not a bad strategy. For many years I played for hours every day. Now I play around on alphas and have one subbed account. I take the game far less seriously, do a lot of traveling and sightseeing. It’s fun now, not like a job, and it’s costing me a lot less too. Funnily enough I’m much better off isk wise than I ever was, but the irony is I don’t want to buy anything! I don’t need to. I’m happy with what I have and I know I can make enough in a day or two to replace whatever I lose and indeed the replacing part is also fun.

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Thanks for the dancers, Qia!

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Thanks for the catalysts :slight_smile:

It’s good that you leave, but I will miss you a bit.
I also miss Nicolai Serkanner, last post on September 20th.


Qia Kare, last post two days ago. lol

Staying away from the game proper has not been a challenge, but staying off the forum has been. It’s that thing I did to pass time. I’m keeping an eye out for something else to read that I’m interested in, but more and more stuff moves to video format and there’s less and less frank honesty.

For all its flaws, the Eve forum is still text based, and it would be hard to sell the idea we were in the habit of sugar coating.

I do refrain from making as much commentary as I would have otherwise been inclined to since I don’t have a dog in this race anymore, but I may still post something that has nothing to do with gameplay, or is straight up factual rather than my opinion on how I think things should be.

And now look what you made me do. I have to reset the ‘days without a eve forum post’ sign in my room again.

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