Stargate Trailblazers Event - Gameplay Policy

I’m no hero, I’ve just spent enough time here doing a little bit of everything to know that if there is ever any opportunity to bend game mechanics to your will in service of raining on another player’s parade, people will do it.


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In most contexts, the phrase ‘Eve is dying’ means player count, but I think the ideals that made Eve what it was have been eroded over time. I don’t bat an eye now because I saw this being a thing when I decided to quit playing.

I guess you could say I batted an eye sooner when I got the impression that CCP no longer cared for the kind of player I was, or for what I wanted out of the game, and why I started playing it.

It’s not about us anymore. It’s about doing what it takes to keep the game alive and we are replaceable. One subscription is as good as the next, and the next may be a younger, more gullible customer willing to part with more money for the shiny things in the cash shop. Younger people who won’t balk at being sold the easy button they crave in this day and age.

I don’t think Eve is dead yet, and it may yet turn around, but I have my doubts. The broad strokes of CCPs plans for the future are shrouded in mystery, as are the guiding principles that lead to the curious decisions they make. I keep asking myself ‘why?’, and I feel like even if I disagree with a mechanic or implementation, I should be able to see what reasoning CCP used and how it made sense. I used to feel I did understand. I used to frown at times at CCP Falcon’s brusque posts, but he was completely candid. This is what we did, this is what we think, and this is what we want to get out of doing it.

The old CCP would tell me “We know you don’t like this, but we think it is for the best, you can handle it, and we hope you will stay, overcome, and adapt.”

The new CCP will tell me “If you don’t like it, you can leave.”, so I did.


Nope. This is extra content outside of eve universe. Just like filaments and arena’s. You dont have to participate. Traditional eve bores me. Maybe u should enjoy some of the end game gm whatshisface was referring too and bash pos modules.

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Can I have your stuff? Love all the sociopath tears today. HA…HA…HAAaaaaaa :slight_smile:


Afraid you missed your chance a while ago.

* Edited Addendum *

Looking at that post after the fact, most of the people who replied to me were of the in game trouble making variety, but I’d say they treated an old care bear with a fair degree of empathy and well wishing.

I don’t like losing ships, and it did not happen often, but when I did explode in a mining ship or transport of some kind I would just say ‘gf’, and the other player(s) would type the same to me no matter how terrible I was. Everyone’s experiences may be different from mine, but when I look back it was the people trying to kill me who had the biggest hearts, made the best friends, and who gave me the most stories to tell.

I met people from all over the world at the point of a virtual gun, and it made me see just how similar we all are, language and location aside. Eve taught me how to find common ground with people when we started out on opposing sides. It taught me where to draw the line between people I could and couldn’t trust, and more often that not it would be the industrial only groups trying to take me for everything I own or work me down to the bones for their own gain instead of just blowing up one ship I happened to be in at the time and leaving it at that.

More often than not in my experience it’s the people who fight and put their ships on the line who are able to have give and take relationships with others that stand the test of time, while care bear relationships only last as long as everyone can take and nobody has to give.

I’m not sure what definition was being used in your post for sociopath, and I’ll not deny you the glee you ironically feel from reading what you perceive is my suffering, but those players you’re trying to insult have my respect and a small degree of admiration for what they’ve accomplished and the gracious courtesy they’ve afforded me in circumstances where I was at their mercy.

I lost some ships, but it was a small price to pay for what I got in return. They bonded me to the game in trying to beat or befriend them and gave meaning to all those otherwise soulless mechanics. I suppose the least I can do in return now is say so.


This, so much this.

See Dust 514, Valkyrie and those mobile games I can’t remember.

They honestly don’t have a clue why we play this game.


It isn’t your tears I take glee in seeing, however, I do take glee in seeing all the tear of the sociopaths that hate this event and having nothing better to do that suicide gank.

I look forward to more :slight_smile:

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If you don’t want the players to do something then make it impossible as part of the system design for crying out loud. This forum post has 4.2k views so it’s clear that very few players are going to see it meaning you can’t reasonably enforce this policy.

I cannot fathom why there is such a shallow depth of thought going into your system designs at present. Bonkers

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Remember guys; dont actually use EvE as a sandbox.

That would be mean


So how do you suggest to catch a imperial navy slicer thats burned 600km off the ess warp in gate at 4km/s? cant even probe them down and wap to them, if you get within 90km they will just warp off.

6 command destroyers… though that slicer can’t actually go into the ESS so not sure wtf your on about - perhaps its just a case of you wanted to complain about something you really don’t understand?

CCP doesn’t allow griefing in the Cosmos constellations so why are people surprised about this? Ive seen a lot of newer players in highsec running these sites. As a hardcore pvper its nice to step away and try something new. Even if the rewards are subpar.


He’s more talking about the grid mechanics of the outer ‘pocket’ that surrounds the ESS’s access gate. Which can be a place to get some entertaining fights

Am i suppose to side with all the angry vets here because “weeeee i can’t engage in ganking with my other 10 cata on a venture” ?


I mean, CCP has literally stated that that’s an OK thing to do here.

Whether or not you can do it due to the population caps is another thing entirely, but ganking is very much allowed.

Amazes me to see all this whining about about a short term event.

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As @Ashterothi and CCP were talking about, this is basically Resource Wars in a different variety format… you couldn’t do anything you wanted within the confines of RW IIRC

Look at the bright side, there are a lot of posters here who I haven’t seen in a while. :clap:

It’s not short term if you think about the results.
I happen to live right next to one of the new gates and it has the potential to remove why I live there, obviously I don’t know this yet but it’s a strong possibility.
It’s also possible that this specific gate could be heavily camped which would make it useless to me and remove the system it’s in as a place where I can do stuff. Again, this remains to be seen and I will be watching closely.
What bothers me and obviously a lot of other players, is that there’s a list of rules about the event that should just be game mechanics, and worse, that players have no influence on the outcome.

Aside from all that I don’t think any of the empires have the power projection capabilities needed to pull something like this off. It’s sort of like the United States deciding to build their own airport in Moscow without asking permission, that little project would last about four seconds.
If they did have that kind of ability they would use it to forcibly tame lowsec systems in their area long before jumping out into nullsec for no evident reason.
They can’t even maintain their own borders, its kind of absurd.

The whole thing just looks silly from intent to implementation to me.

I’m trying to look on the bright side and it’s proving difficult. Maybe it won’t be camped and I can go shopping in highsec (not bloody likely, but who knows), maybe it will keep some of my enemy’s off my back (again, not likely), or maybe it will create a useful market nearby, I have no idea, but I do have my suspicions.
The most likely thing is I will have to think about moving, but since some of the other recent changes this is a lot less possible.
I’m just hoping for the best, but as usual with CCP I’m expecting and planing for the worst.