Starlight Federation - Working for an Identity (still)

The Starlight Federation is an alliance for people who want to play as a single character, who eschew the practice of dodging wardecs, and who wish to teach others and be helpful to new players in or outside the alliance.

This is my second try at this. I am not very good at salesmanship. My best, and worst, quality is that I’m no good at giving up.

I wanted my prior thread to close before posting another. Several glowing recommendations in the comments were A) Posted by alts, and B) Posted by someone who did not and still does not understand or accept the vision I have for this alliance. I very much dislike things that are not genuine.

The first part of this vision, and the one which I find myself most often enforcing, is an absolute prohibition on multiboxing and AFK play. I am well aware of how advantageous it is, particularly for mining. However, I want people to interact, and to encourage that, I want people to need help from one another. Adding a second person to your adventure is more work and less convenient than logging on a second alt, but I think the second person would be more satisfying an experience. I know for a fact talking to people who are AFK is not particularly fun.

The second part of this vision is a essentially NRDS engagement policy. I am also aware that over nine times out of ten the neutral in local is out to kill you and it takes some dedication not to go pulling the trigger on them first just to be sure. Lots of people would say that Eve is unfriendly, cold, and dark. I intend to be the opposite, and brandish a light in that dark universe for those who need it. Like Eve Scout, but we’re allowed to use guns on people who try to cause us harm. If someone floats into your mission pocket or signature and doesn’t beat a hasty retreat, bring your buds and shoot 'em, but I do not want us to make a habit of picking on the clueless, passive, or unprepared. The rest of Eve can have that job. Ours is to teach, gently guide, explain, and set a good example.

The third basic component to this vision is, in a nutshell, no cheating. That means abusing game mechanics to avoid consequences. Out of corp alts to haul during a wardec, shell corporations holding structures to avoid wardec vulnerability, or dodging repercussions by any other means, like dropping corp during a wardec so you can keep mining. For shipping we can ask friends who are not at war, or pay a 3rd party service. We will own our structures and do our best to defend them. We will endure war and not try to weasel out of it. If we lose stuff, we lose stuff, but we still stand for something when we do.

The last point that I want to mention is that the alliance does not seek to vilify those who play Eve differently, nor will we shun those people who do not play the way we play. We may be friends with anyone, seek help from, or give help to, anyone. We will not condone the elimination of criminals from Highsec by changes to game mechanics. We will respect all players and their play styles outside of the game while pursuing our own agenda within its confines.

I’m not looking to be big. I’m not looking to be powerful. I’m looking to promote ideals I don’t see represented in the existing alliances in Eve. I want to give single character players a home where they can be equal to their in corporation/alliance peers, and for that equality to be protected even in the face of loss instead of compromised to save our own skin.

This is a hard sell, and the alliance isn’t suited to most. There is little activity, and I am having a great deal of difficulty getting off the ground, but I am committed to at least keep trying. I don’t want to have to rely on friends to step in and save me every time there’s a problem (bless them), so I would love to hear from and get to know any individuals interested in this kind of challenge who could help me get off to a better start towards relative independence.

Together, maybe we can be something special in New Eden, and fill a Niche nobody else is willing to. I’m not big enough to fill a whole niche by myself.

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I could just say ‘bump’ or something similar, but I’m not fond of that. Instead, here’s an excerpt from a chat with a corpmate. You’ll have to expand the chat to read it, since I hid it to save y’all scroll time. English is not this other person’s native language, so cut them a break. It is mine, however, so you don’t have to do the same for me.

At some point my nickname became Qiwi, and sometimes Qiwi speaks in the third person.

Chat Transcript

[ 2019.09.11 02:30:41 ] (Censored) > I’m always trying to get back that feeling of my chieldhood when playing some MMOs
[ 2019.09.11 02:32:06 ] Qia Kare > I never grew up. I always do things for my own reasons, many of which are idealistic or silly.
[ 2019.09.11 02:32:32 ] Qia Kare > Eve makes being idealistic particularly hard.
[ 2019.09.11 02:32:43 ] Qia Kare > But I am up to the challenge.
[ 2019.09.11 02:33:31 ] (Censored) > see you talking with others, EVE looks like a real thing to you, really
[ 2019.09.11 02:35:36 ] Qia Kare > The people are real. I don’t want to treat people as 2nd rate or expendable because they’re ‘just online’.
[ 2019.09.11 02:35:57 ] (Censored) > you are right
[ 2019.09.11 02:38:04 ] Qia Kare > I like Eve because it’s the only game that lets me write my own story.
[ 2019.09.11 02:38:56 ] Qia Kare > There is no guaranteed destiny. No promise you will ever be a hero, but because nothing is promised, everything is earned, and what you earn you can be proud of.
[ 2019.09.11 02:39:30 ] Qia Kare > In Final Fantasy, I live someone else’s story. Not my own.
[ 2019.09.11 02:39:57 ] Qia Kare > I can’t make any choice that would make a difference in that story.
[ 2019.09.11 02:40:16 ] Qia Kare > Here, I can make a difference.
[ 2019.09.11 02:42:37 ] (Censored) > It’s interesting the you have this vision
[ 2019.09.11 02:44:37 ] Qia Kare > I am not a very good leader. I’m not fond of social interaction or pressure. I do what I think I need to, and I do OK, but there’s room for improvement.
[ 2019.09.11 02:45:13 ] Qia Kare > I just seem to be the only person who has this particular vision in mind, and if nobody else is going to try to see it through, then Qiwi is better than nobody.
[ 2019.09.11 02:46:08 ] (Censored) > the world of games changed Qia, is just that
[ 2019.09.11 02:46:36 ] Qia Kare > The whole world changes, but I stay the same.
[ 2019.09.11 02:47:05 ] Qia Kare > I’ve never been one to put myself out there unless I thought I was doing something good.
[ 2019.09.11 02:47:39 ] Qia Kare > I’m perfectly happy to do nice things in secret, if I can get away with it and avoid attention.
[ 2019.09.11 02:49:16 ] Qia Kare > I can’t live under an eve rock and also provide a home for people who don’t want to play a gaggle of characters at the same time.
[ 2019.09.11 02:52:37 ] Qia Kare > People used to talk a lot more. Things were much more lively and organic. Less ‘efficient’. We had criminals mess with us, we’d try to stop them, get our butts kicked, and get to know each other that way.
[ 2019.09.11 02:53:59 ] Qia Kare > People are afraid. They think there’s no good people to talk to. I want to provide the counterexample.
[ 2019.09.11 02:54:13 ] Qia Kare > A whole alliance full of counterexample, if I can.
[ 2019.09.11 02:54:30 ] Qia Kare > Then I can have a symbol in New Eden that means something.
[ 2019.09.11 02:55:03 ] (Censored) > you are in a right way, but It’s a hard job
[ 2019.09.11 02:55:21 ] Qia Kare > No kidding. ^^;
[ 2019.09.11 02:56:30 ] (Censored) > :3

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