FYAD - The last corp you'll (hopefully) ever join (WH/USTZ)

Greetings fellow star-faring capsuleer, thank you for taking a look through our thread. Everyone in New Eden has, at some point, been in search of a space home. A place where you can login, play Eve in whatever way you want, have fun, socialize, and integrate with a fun and active environment. Most of the time the search can be arduous and fraught with false promises, embellishments, and at the end of the road you find out that the entity you’re prospectively interested in joining is a house of cards, ready to fall at a moment’s notice, or incredibly divergent from what they led you to believe. My corporation, FYAD, is not perfect. But we try our damnedest to make sure people are having fun and get that shaky, adrenaline-fueled rush that comes with the swift, brutal ferocity of surviving a fight in your ship with 30% structure left. Our number one priority is to make sure members can grow, have fun, and enjoy an environment with no overbearing personalities.

Sounds too good to be true, right? A Utopian fun zone? It probably is, but that doesn’t mean we can’t aim for it. Every group has bumps along the road, but as long as you’re willing to be a person that strengthens the group as a whole, you’re always a valuable, and welcome, addition.

First off, I know Wormholes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re tired of gigantic groups where your only real contribution is as a number, you might want to check it out. The mechanics aren’t terribly difficult once you’ve learned them, and eventually, they become second nature to you. It does create a more enjoyable experience not getting supers dropped on you every time you want to fight.

A lot of people have asked me why we moved to wormholes. It’s not a short answer, but I’ll try to keep it as succinct as possible. One of our biggest problems with nullsec is the absolutely insane power curve that came about with the mass injection of Rorqual pilots and the absolutely ludicrous amount of ore they can scoop up. This caused a domino effect of literally everyone getting into building Supers/Capitals, and now they don’t really have any value. There are a few very unskilled leaders owning gigantic swathes of nullsec purely based on the fact that dislodging them due to Citadel and Super-Capital proliferation would take an insane amount of time. So it’s easier to cut deals with them and treat them as tributaries. This has, in combination with a great many other things, made it impossible for small alliances to exist in sov null independent of gigantic blocs. One of the things that made this game incredibly exciting for me for years was the ability to fight and have fun on a small scale, not where you’re just pilot #213 in a 256 man fleet.

So, wormholes became very attractive to us. We could leave behind the mass Rorqual mining, the crazy amounts of supers in production and choose where our fights would be. No NIP’s preventing us from getting fights, no agreements heckling our mobility. It’s a tougher road for sure, but one that I personally feel is more rewarding. We are not elite pilots. In fact, I expect us to feed A LOT going into this. We’rsquo;t feel like it. We’ve had 6 IRL meetups, 3 at my place, 2 at another member, and did our first trip to Eve Vegas last year (we will be going again this October). We got drunk, played Cards Against Humanity, explored both Kansas City, Austin, and Vegas and did a bunch of other fun stuff for a week. We value fun over everything else, and we do a bit of everything in Eve. We’re significantly more easy going than most corporations and other than socializing, we have no real requirements outside of our one rule: Don’t be a dick. We have a lot of experienced players that have a ton of collective knowledge. Some important in-game stuff about us:

  • Our main home is J-Space (wormholes), with access to interesting PvP content nearby

  • Upgraded citadels for refining and production

  • Ship Replacement Program will be coming soon on an alliance level for doctrines

  • PI Buyback Program

  • We have a loose 10m SP requirement, but we make exceptions for ambitious players

  • PYRE_Free, a program I will honestly say we ripped from TEST. Free frigates, destroyers, skill books, implants, and so much more for newer players.

  • Solid, and fun, fleet doctrines that are easy to get into - also reasonably priced

  • Tons of content via our alliance

  • Solid tech infrastructure for scanning, communication (Discord, TS3, and Pathfinder), and organization

  • A fun, sociable environment that you will quickly grow to be a part of

  • Solid Fleet Commander’s who are fun to fly under

  • Experienced people who are willing to teach people the key points to living life in a wormhole

  • We are primarily PvP based, but we understand people need to make ISK and we have avenues for that as well.

  • We are in a rebuilding phase. After living in nullsec for nearly a decade, we’re switching it up and trying the wormhole life.

We’re not looking to be the next elite corporation in Eve. We definitely value quality over quantity, but we care about your personality rather than your in-game skills. We’re not like some corporations and pull in 10 new guys in just a day. We want to grow, but steadily, and to ensure that members get what they want and that our newer friends integrate well with the people who have been here for months or years. If someone is making the experience unenjoyable by being a dbag, we’ll remove them. We laugh, we curse, we have fun. But we draw the line before disrespect. We are almost exclusively USTZ with some players in late US timezone, and some a bit earlier.

We do not have certain quotas that you have to hit. Whether you play 5 hours a week or 50 hours a week, as long as you’re willing to be social and have fun with the group, you’ll always be welcome.

A lot of nights, after people are done with Eve for the evening, we’ll switch up to play something else as a group. Rocket League, SMITE, Rainbow Six Siege, Path of Exile, Tabletop Simulator (Hello Epic Spell Wars) you name it. We enjoy having fun, no matter what route that takes.

So if you’re a pilot looking for a new home, not just a new corporation, give us a shout. We have a public recruitment Discord here: https://discord.gg/KrBpNCG We’re always willing to provide more information, or just chat. Join the channel “Milkmen” or contact one of the following people via convo or Eve-mail:


Back from Eve-Vegas, and I had a blast! Looking to bring in some more new blood!

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Bumpty dumpty

Looking for USTZ players!

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