FYAD - The last corp you'll ever join (hopefully)!

Greetings fellow star-faring capsuleer, thank you for taking a look through our thread. Everyone in New Eden has, at some point, been in search of a space home. A place where you can login, play Eve in whatever way you want, have fun, socialize, and integrate with a fun and active environment. Most of the time the search can be arduous and fraught with false promises, embellishments, and at the end of the road you find out that the entity you’re prospectively interested in joining is a house of cards, ready to fall at a moment’s notice, or incredibly divergent from what they led you to believe. My corporation, FYAD, is not perfect. But we try our damnedest to make sure people are having fun and get that shaky, adrenaline-fueled rush that comes with the swift, brutal ferocity of surviving a fight in your ship with 30% structure left. Our number one priority is to make sure members can grow, have fun, and enjoy an environment with no overbearing personalities.

Sounds too good to be true, right? A Utopian fun zone? It probably is, but that doesn’t mean we can’t aim for it. Every group has bumps along the road, but as long as you’re willing to be a person that strengthens the group as a whole, you’re always a valuable, and welcome, addition.

So what does FYAD do, where do we live, why do we still play? All great questions.

FYAD is currently a member of Empyreus, an alliance living in J-Space (wormholes). To keep this shorter than my last thread, the reasoning behind living in wormholes is simple. Yes, there is more danger with no asset safety. However, there is a lot of the fundamental gameplay in wormholes that made us love the game initially. Small gang fights, no super capitals in a game where every bloc can drop 50 supers on a moments notice, content that changes from day to day, if not hour to hour, and the ability to get to the other side of New Eden with some effort and luck. Wormholes aren’t perfect, but they are definitely interesting.

In January of 2019, we left nullsec to move into a wormhole. Due to the things I’ve listed above, we believe we’ve made a good decision and have been having fun since. If you’re a current or former null sec dweller that is interested in checking out wormholes but no idea where to start, or you just want a different experience altogether outside of the blocs and the f1 pushing, come chat with us. I moved a nullsec corporation of 10 years into a wormhole, believe me: I know how daunting it can be.

Now, for the important bits:

We live in a wormhole with two statics, both for PVP content, but one can also be used to make ISK. Our home hole frequently has mining/gas sites for those interested in making ISK that way, Planetary Interaction, etc. We frequently take excursions through our nullsec hole to find fights, dying and killing along the way. So while it’s not the instant isk of carrier ratting in nullsec, you can still make enough isk (and more) to fund PvP by living in the hole pretty easily.

We are strictly a USTZ/AUTZ corporation. I’ve had Euros and others way outside of USTZ before and it has never really worked. If your main play time is outside of 00:00 → 08:00 Eve time, then we are likely not the corp for you. You will just wind up being super bored and I will feel like ■■■■ that you have nothing to do.

We are a VERY social group. We like to think we have a good success rate with people finding their “Forever Home”. To this end, we require the use of Discord (for text) and TeamSpeak 3 (for voice).

We don’t just play Eve. When we’re not doing Eve things we play other stuff. Tabletop Simulator (Monday is tabletop night, bring your d12), Apex Legends, Rainbowsix Siege, etc. We are a pretty laid back, fun community. Games are meant to be fun and what could be more fun than playing in a group of close-knit people?

We don’t have much in the way of requirements. As long as you can do something to make yourself some ISK to fund yourself (gas cloud mining, exploration, running low or high-end sites, or even just PLEXing) and have the ability to fly (or can in a short time - Alpha or Omega) one of the following:

Stealth Bomber (torpedo for black ops)

Then you’re good to go! We do the typical background checks, but in an Eve where spying has become so mundane and easy to do, we’re just hoping you’ll like us better than the people you’re spying for!

So, if you’re curious about us or are looking to join, here are a few things to ask yourself:

Do I play in USTZ?
Do I want to be in a group that’s pretty sociable?
Can I survive without local?
Do I want to have fun?

If you’ve said yes to all of these things, then give us a shout. A discord link to our recruitment can be found here: https://discord.gg/KrBpNCG

If you’d rather get in touch directly in-game, feel free to chat with the following:

Abinus Sertan

Mozambique 'ere

Possible to join with an alt to get my feet wet? I don’t want to commit fully yet

As long as your main isn’t with another wormhole group or someone we have bad relations with, I’m typically open(ish) to this.


Up we go!

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Up we go!

To the top!

Up we go!

Up we go!

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