[US | EU] 🌟 Starlight Industries .co is Here!

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Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey towards galactic dominance? Look no further than Starlight Industries .co !

At :star2:Starlight Industry :star2:, we’re on a mission to establish our own Stellar Federation, and we need YOUR skills and dedication to help us achieve greatness. Whether you’re a seasoned miner, a savvy trader, a daring explorer, a PvP pilot, or a skilled manufacturer, there’s a place for you within our ranks.

At :star2:Starlight :star2: we have a different approach than most corporations. We’re not just another “mining corp that’s newbie and vet friendly”. We believe that everyone should enjoy the game to it’s fullest. That’s why we put ourselves on the mission to provide players with an environment filled with opportunity and content to make their experience as a member of Starlight as enjoyable as possible.

We also believe that investing in the growth of the individual is part of our success. Through mentorship, training events, military ranks, team building, 1v1 trainings, and fostering a growth oriented environment we aim to help you fulfill your ambitions and dreams ! So that you can get the best out of EvE Online !

Here’s some of what we offer :

  • :moneybag: Lucrative buyback program for all your ores and minerals.
  • :briefcase: Minimal taxes, maximizing your profits and financial prosperity.
  • :crossed_swords: Minmatar Faction warfare heavy presence
  • :rocket: Access to our commz server for communication and strategic coordination.
  • :handshake: Extensive network of allies and partners, facilitating trade deals and mutual defense.
  • :pick: Regular mining and PvP fleets to keep our operations running smoothly.
  • :star2: Opportunities for advancement and leadership roles within our corporation.

Situated in the Metropolis system, adjacent to low-traffic null and low sec regions teeming with opportunity.

If you’re seeking a vibrant, welcoming, and action-packed community filled with ambition. Look no further than :star2:Starlight Industries .co :star2:. Join us today and become part of something truly extraordinary!

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we are all waiting for you enlist today !

faction warfare fleet tonight !

we have no force or mandatory expectation :slight_smile: . we are a no pressure group. we love to teach and help people out if you are a new player don’t shy away from this opportunity :slight_smile: