Gifting Isk

Someone has given me something in RL (With out asking for anything in return…) I would like to thank him in game can i gift him isk plex or items or would that be considered RMT?


You can give anything you want to anyone you want without repercussions. You can also steal whatever you can get away with. Or scam any other player. Or just destroy someone’s stuff for shits and giggles.

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I do not know any problems in order to give someone something. Billions are given every day. Ships, isks, are granted through contracts.
You can give a subscription, when buying in the game store for plexes, an additional option appears - give.

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If it happened without asking for anything in return, you are fine. Nothing wrong with gifting ISK.

Though…not sure why you even asked…not like CCP would know what happened in real life, they really aren’t psychic (at least I don’t think they are…)


I get what the OP is asking… I think he’s saying is it possible you’ll be accused of RMT if you happen to give an in game gift to an IRL friend… when ofc at some point in the past that IRL friend has maybe gifted you something IRL.

You’ve probably also gifted your IRL friend something IRL as well, however. So… you know what, it just depends on what the definition of “gift” is…

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As long you don’t start a webshop with a “Dear eveonline friends, donate money to me for ‘no reason’.” Then start to ‘for no apparent reason’ ‘donate’ ISK to your friends in relation to the donated amounts.

But you are free to help out your RL friends and newly made eve online aquaintances with ships, fitings or even ISK if it does not reward you with dank amounts of RL cash.

The rules are clear, none of the posts here overrule the rules. In doubt, contact CCP through a support call.

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The amount of ISK you need to be giving to be considered suspicious is pretty darn big in the first place.

How do you know?

I don’t know how he knows, but I’ve transferred well over a hundred billion between characters with as much attention from CCP as if I transferred 100 ISK.

That you knew of… I’m sure you know how rmt tracking goes, foggy ol’ chum.

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I’m sure you know that it’s the end result that matters. And the end result is that after regularly transferring large sums of ISK for over a decade, each and every one of those characters is still in the game. And not once has CCP felt the need to pull me aside for questioning.

Or maybe you legitimately don’t know. It’s not up to me to judge your comprehension abilities.

Touchy, eh?
What a pile of crap.

Projection therapy in not a thing.

Just sayin’

Are you really unaware that in following a financial (or video game isk in the case of rmt of course) fraud trail investigators aren’t going to spook the little fish in their pursuit of the bigger fish? Huh. Surprising, you seem a clever fellow.

Even though not being aware of being investigated is certainly not proof of never having been, I’m sure you haven’t ever been and all your transactions have been nothing but legit. You have an honest face.

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