Generous Players Karma

Had a short chat with a guy and we got into talking about my minmatar shuttle and how much I one day want a leopard…he bought it for me. All good things done will come back. Thanks…anybody else had a nice guy toss them some cash?
I had 4600isk when I logged in today.

Now I’m a speed demon!


love nice people

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So what good thing did you do?

As a writer for I offered him spotlight in one of my feature satirical stories. This was after he gave me the leopard. Also, it seems like you’re trying to be bring a negative spin on a “feel good” thread. Not appreciated. Any future posts of such nature will be flagged as inappropriate.

I hope I answered your questions to satisfaction and if you have no others…please don’t return.

My children are grown, I’m not dealing with any more. I hope we are clear.

I had someone give me 10 million while I was wandering around in rookie chat, then in another chat (I forgot which) someone gave me 50 million.

I didn’t ask for it anything, was just checking out required things for mining and such. And the guy who gave me 50 mil, no reason at all. Oh well good people are good.

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It has been known for RMT to cover their actions by giving random people in chat channels isk in the belief that CCP wont ban 100’s of players just to be sure that they get the one who actually is using RMT

I’m driving a leopard, I’m not responsible for any actions against the game eula or tos. I appreciate your thoughts and they are considered but we have talked at length. I don’t think Conduct uzumaki is like that. If you feel strongly about it, do what you feel is necessary.

Usually people who talk about rmt’ing are involved in some way. Where does your expertise come from?

That is a nice gift, just dont auto pilot it, it will die.

I sometimes gift players isk, on the rare occasions i kill a ship if i then discover they were new I often reimburse with a few words on how I found them etc and any advise that may help them.

I like karma in the game and in the past when I was new have had gifts of isk etc and have tried to pay it forward.

This reminds me very much of a past thread.

Edit: Giddy necroed the same old thread to which I already replied.

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