If I give all my isk to my friend, around 50 billion, will I get both of us RMT banned?

All the recent changes and boredom of the game has made me want to quit. I unsubbed and stopped playing around 3 months ago, but I figure there’s no point in keeping all my money. Will I get both of us RMT banned if I send 50 billion to my friend? I feel like sending a ticket saying ‘I am defiantly NOT RMTing’ will just make them suspicious.

No, RMT is if you are buying in game assets with real money on 3rd party sites or trading isk outside of the game. Buying plex to add isk to the game, irregardless of the amount is legal… giving your friend 50b isk, is stupid in case you ever wanna come back, but perfectly legal to do as well.

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I know it’s legal. I am just worried about an auto-ban or transaction flag as transferring 50b to a different char looks a LOT like RMT. I have no intention of ever coming back, unless CCP rolls back all of these stupid changes. And we all know that is never happening.

“Loan” it to him with no interest.

I feel your pain, but hey, you just never know. :wink:

CCP would have to roll back 90% of 2020 to get me back.

Only if one of you is related to RMT’ing.

People have given their stuff to me and it’s never been a problem.

What changes are you exactly mad about?

Pro Tip: No one here on the forums can answer this question for you, only CCP’s GMs can.


Not if you use barter, tell your friend he has to buy you so many beers…then you are good. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are worried about getting an account banned that you don’t want to play anymore?
You are asking the community if they can share their RMT experiences so you can set up your ISK selling business, here is my advise; DO NOT DO RMT in this game as it’s against the rules.


50 billion in four months? In… a venture? As a noob… Yeah, sure… you sound very legit. Nice story… lol.


Ah perhaps there is more to the source of the isk than meets the eye

Send the ticket. it’s the only right way, if you transfer more than few B ISK and has no problems to tell to CCP about it.

I know a case, my friend got a Titan + pilot for free from an unknown person in local after some convo time, because another person quit. My friend reported it to CCP as a precaution. CCP blocked the Titan account for a week, but released it after the check and my friend is allowed to use it. True story.

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CCP ban people on a whim & they don’t need to provide a reason & often don’t or will double down on vagueness or double speak. At the same time CCP un ban botters, so hey up.

Don’t live your life in fear of the ban, if you want to give ISK to your mate do so & worry about random bans when & if they do occur.

Cool story. So your friend was brave enough to tell some ‘unknown person’ his account name and then that person did spent 20 bucks to move a char between accounts? Sounds plausible to ragequit and still throw bucks into the game.

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No, it was different. He got the account data of the Titan pilot and even after checking the CCP he paid for the transfer.

That’s why he contacted CCP, because he got the account data and CCP should check if it was a hacker. The communication between the two players was done via ingame channel, so CCP could see that the pilot who was leaving, had completely given up his account. I know, normally the retiring pilot would have to pay for the transfer first. But in this case the person who took over the account paid for the transfer after CCP checked that there was no hack etc.

What I actually wanted to say is that you should simply contact CCP. They are all people and as long as the rules are not broken you will get support.

Smart RMTers always create these kinds of forum threads to build a cover story for their nefarious deeds…

Just kidding :wink:


I’ll double them when you’ll log back.


Op 50 bill will buy you 5 imperium war bonds. I can guarantee you Brisc won’t give you 500bill back if you ever decide to re-join Eve. :rofl:

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If 50 Billion ISK transfers got people banned, nobody would have ever heard of the name Chribba.