Athanor Ownership

Hi Guys, quick question if I’m in a Corp can I set up my own Athanor and still have sole ownership rights or are they only owned by the CEO…?

Not sure if I have to leave Corp to set up my own one that’s all.

CEO becomes the owner.

Citadels are not a personal asset, they are a Corp asset. Which means it will not belong to you, it will belong to your Corp, and your CEO is in charge of the Corp.

Also, you cannot deploy a Citadel unless you have certain rights within the Corp granted by the CEO. This is b/c the same rights that let you deploy one, also let you manage or pack up the others. And most Corps are pretty hesitant to give randos the ability to cripple or run off with the rest of their Citadels, just b/c the rando wants to play with a Citadel of their own.

Also also, if you deploy a Citadel, then your Corp becomes a valid target for Wardecs. A lot of mercs, or just bored players in general, will look around for lonely Citadels belonging to small Corps, and Wardec them just so they can have a chance to blow them up and flex their epeen. And seeing as you’ve just told everyone that you’re going to make a solo Corp so you can deploy a solo Citadel… you probably shouldn’t do that thing b/c it will die.

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This is not quite factual. I’m not sure the role but it’s not required to have director role to drop a structure. Director role is required to decommission a structure which then begins the deanchoring process. Unless your Corp is pure hot garbage it will take some time to become trusted with that rank.

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