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Hey All,

Logged a bug request as well and I will not mention names or groups here.

There is a bug that allows an attacker to declare war reinforce or destroy a structure in complete safety, where the game actually denies allies from joining in. Using the mechanic to declare war as an alliance, you can boot the Corp with the structure from the alliance immediately which ends the war, but still has a 24-hour combat period. Allowing the attacker to move their members or alts in those corps without fear that an ally can join in on the defender side.

Our only option is to jump from our corps/alliance into the other alliance to defend it and that is not cool.

I thought using bugs like this is against the EULA. But the group (some members) in question has been temp banned before for using other “features” in the past around war declarations.

@Brisc_Rubal @CCP_Bee if you want the ticket bug ID/Ticket number happy to share in private. But since we cannot ally in, we just assume our friends will loose their structure because of this.

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It’s not a bug.
Working as intended.
If you can’t defend a structure you shouldn’t have one.

That is why the ally mechanic exist and in this case is made irrelevant using this bug. The wars should end the second it starts like it used to in the past when it was made invalid before it went active. Now it gives 24 hours of combat.

Otherwise CCP might as well remove the Ally feature and say good luck.

Like I said, we can help and defend, but that means jumping characters across alliances. The group in question is not capable of facing us head on which is why they are now playing mental gymnastics to avoid us.

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That should please a lot of people who said there was no content. Now Wardecs give 24h of combat, how’s that for content?

Depends how the war was declared. Can’t speak for CCP.

And that’s too hard for you guys? It’s troublesome? I know other game mechanics that are too hard or troublesome but I was simply told to put up or shut up, I didn’t think to go cry to CCP like a snitch. I dealt with it.
Wardec not up to your flavor? Deal with it. This is EVE after all. Whiners may not apply.

From now I will follow your advice and never report anything when doing something a certain way stop something else from working properly.

Forum alts are the worst trolls.


Better way: Just set Gallentia Libertas and her obvious alts to ignore. No need to see these people posting. They have nothing of substance to contribute anyway.

I just love when a member makes points that the trolls don’t like then they call the member an Alt :rofl:

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@Gallentia_Libertas It’s the unwritten forum rule here it seems.
Don’t like what someone is saying? Hey, it’s ok, it’s just an alt anyway.
Did you know that within the space of 24h I became Lucas Kell’s Alt and then I was myself again by the next morning. Amazing, isn’t it?

What seems to me is that as the real world out there gets nuttier and nuttier it has negative effects in games and game forums, no matter if CCP threw away the Russians, we Westerners will kill each other before any Russian missile is launched.

And they allow that jerk to post anything. I’m starting to believe that some of those troll “members” are alts of CCP employees and ISDs.

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That’s the way it looks to me, too.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Not sure what your post is about or if that a response to me?

The GM is actually replicating the issue now after our chat.

I figured there was something in there that would explain what was going on. Sorry. Just trying to help

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All good mate.


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