War Mechanics Joining & Leaving Corps

Recently, some friends of mine were war-decced by a 1 man corp, very reasonably they opted to take out the Raitaru HQ with no contention from the wardeccer.

However after the Raitaru was destroyed several annoying characters in their area of operation were whisked into the corp for less than 24 hours, destroyed an Orca, and left the corp. This really feels like unintended behavior as the ability for anyone regularly in a system to instantly become a war combatant attack, and then leave the corp just as quickly seems like something that cannot be reasonably accounted for when making decisions, especially so when the war HQ is already destroyed.

Why do wars get 24 hours to continue after an HQ has been destroyed and why can players join a corp and immediately engage in combat? Is this an intentional decision or another shortcoming due to legacy corp code? I really feel like this is a situation where if the war is declared no longer eligible, new corp members shouldn’t be allowed to engage in warfare, or a corp with a destroyed war HQ shouldn’t be able to accept / invite members for that time window.

The war was still active and your friend are in an ORCA. lol…

But in seriousness this is nothing to do with legacy code. Anybody becomes valid war target (defender or aggressor) if they join a corp at war. Your only short coming here was somebody in your friends corp undocking an ORCA during an active war. However, if they leave the corp again they cannot join it again for two weeks. You can get around that in an alliance by just joining another corp in the the same alliance. But that is reportable to since you are actively avoiding your two week cool down doing that.

Reading your post again: I think that was the idea. He saw your guys in something big, decced and waited until he saw something large undock. And he made his move. Pretty clever actually.


Like I said they’re friends, I wasn’t involved in the war personally. I’m just disappointed I guess that it would appear that anyone can just immediately enter a corp that’s lost its war HQ and suddenly become a valid hostile for literally 15 minutes to get one kill and then immediately leave corp and become untouchable again. Feels like a gross oversight in mechanical rules.

It’s very frustrating when it always boils down to using loopholes or oversights to escape retaliation or any immediate counterplay because of oversights like this.

The threat assessment in undocking the Orca was valid because this simply isn’t something that is communicated by the game.

There is no loophole though.

It is valid to join a corp and leave when you want. And the orca pilot has a warning telling him he is at war. So the fault entirely lies with him.

People like your ORCA friend… why rely on these kinda idiots for kills.

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Wouldn’t that be classed as mercenary work? or perhaps they are from the same alliance?

I suspect it’s just one person with too many alts and not enough balls to actually play PvP. It says something about someone when they’re too cowardly to actually fight a random highsec mining corp in ways where they can actually lose a ship, ditching the wardec eligibility the second they kill one ship.

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Yes… always the people in non wardecable corps that say that.


I’d argue that this isn’t really intended behavior or usage of the mechanic by the person that designed them and is an oversight.

I don’t think anyone is genuinely upset at the loss of the Orca, they have a non-eligible corp that the pilot should have been using and I’ve told him to use previously. I just am putting forth the question is if this sort of gameplay is reasonable and I think it isn’t.

Why? Because it somewhat defeats the entire purpose of highsec warfare in the first place. If any random pilot in your system can reasonably and instantaneously become a valid war threat then it’s no different than nullsec in practice, and if they can also immediately become no longer eligible for combat the moment they get a kill and quit corp, then it also becomes akin to a gank in practice except they dont need a dozen Catalyst or Talos alts.

The entire point of wardecs and 24 hour heads ups is to allow the defender to actually and reasonably fight. And they did, they killed the War HQ in 3 days flat with none of the corp members at the time of the attackers even logging in.

You could always give me a citadel and fuel if that’s your problem with my outside of wardec corp view. :slight_smile:

A war ends after 24 hours. It’s stated, it’s on the wiki and if you ask around (just not your 3 mining buddies who in 10 years of playing still don’t understand the basics or even the concept of opportunity cost) pretty much everyone will tell you.

If, during that time, you undock in something stupid as an orca then you only have yourself to blame. The fact that people can suddenly join a corp is not an exploit, you can easily check how many members a corp has.

Not saying I’m a fan of the current wardec mechanics but that ship has sailed and we have to operate with what we got, that goes for both “sides”.

In short: “lazy casual got caught out in a competitive PvP game”.


If the Eve forums have taught me anything, it’s that this is looking to be a 600+ comment/arguement thread that will somehow turn into a whinge about gangking within 2 days XD


No… it definitely can be. Particularly when you have to be docked for that change to take place. Sounds like a case of someone not watching local while mining during a war dec.

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They were already orange tagged because they like to do suspect things so depending on friend’s UI overview settings it might have just not changed.

Yeah I’d like to maybe get attention from CCP to this though, the ship shouldn’t sail in a live service continuing game, but the only way to direct attention and hope to see improvements is to bring the topic up in the first place, something that I have heard is notoriously put down as nothing more than just salt or “get good noob” type things.

I’ve got plenty of thoughts regarding ganking but that’s not the topic I’m interested in discussing with this thread.

I mean… there’s no helping a ■■■■ overview set up. still just sounds like their fault.

Ah see you misspelled HTFU


There would be if CCP could finally update the base overview preset or maybe update the whole thing in general. and to the inevitable “Lol they never will” I say, of course they won’t if everyone keeps making the excuse for them.

That’s entirely unrelated to questioning game mechanics and whether implementations are reasonable.

No because the base overview puts war targets over reds. that you guys managed to make a worse overview than default is impressive though.

you’re going to need to put out more of a reason as to why people being able to come and go from corps is poor implementation other than " we weren’t paying attention and lost an orca to known hostiles"


I don’t know what his exact overview settings are, I was simply theorizing a reason why that could have been missed by him.

Because it is unreasonable to expect someone to refresh the info panel for a hostile corp every five minutes seems like a good start.

It definitely seems unreasonable that they can join the corp and leave it immediately after their attack though, there’s no room for retaliation. When a corp leaves an alliance at war it starts a separate war between that corp and whoever their alliance was at war with for this reason.

im not expecting anyone do that. im expecting people to watch local. or idk, not flying an orca under wardec?

sure there is, loads of it. during the attack or ganking after the attack. Again its not like you can just join and drop whenever you have to do it in a station. You had pleanty of time to react after they joined the new corp even if they did it in the same system.