Bail any Wardec as you please- rly CCP? 💥

It came to my notice that any war opponent can easily BAIL any released Wardec by simply shifting it´s War HQ aka last station to a holding Corp during a war.

Is that really how it´s supposed to be? The agressor pays 100m ISK and the Defender simply says LOL and shifts stations any time he get´s decced?

The new war mechanics makes it super easy for any Corp to bail consequences and are - in my opinion - avoiding real conflicts and deny content in EVE.

But the mentioned possibility makes wardecs nearly ridiculus.
Ending a war within a day doesn´t need any effort anymore.

CCP Please stop shifting stations to other corps during a wardec!


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So you expect a fight when someone else does not? You do realize the irony…you don’t get what you want. Ganks, Gate camps insta popping even with cloak, scams, corp theft. Nothing is assured in eve, if 100m locks someone in combat you would think someone wouldn’t want that.

Props to someone finding a loop hole, creativity at its finest. Its not game breaking like the cloaked recon appearing on grid they just fixed.

Oh, and a suggestion. Get out of high sec, problem solved. No more 100m wasted isk, where you are completely protected except for the corp you are attacking and anyone wardecing you. Strange how people want risk, yet don’t want random attacks like null and low…like the person is risk adverse or something :roll_eyes: . And you are obvisouly not an internets tough guy, cause they don’t complain.


Yup. Ganking newbs is not how glory works. Try Low-sec instead :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think wardecs should have teeth. You field the infrastructure for it, you pay a fee for it, and it’s reasonable to expect that you get what you pay for, at least from the game’s own systems and mechanics.

Declaring war is not risk free. The attacker is potentially at risk from the whole of New Eden because the defending corporation can add any allies it wants to the defending side of the war. One totally for free, and quite a few for fairly low cost.

Mechanics are already abused to mitigate almost all risk of war to non combat line members. Flipping structures from holding corp to holding corp to invalidate all wars at the defender’s discretion will be the norm if we let this stand, and that seems ridiculous to me.

Highsec is safer than lowsec by virtue of 24 hour notice, local intel provided free identifying exactly who your enemies are, you get free allies, and the aggressor pays an isk fee that they have to make up for with the results of their war effort or lose money.

If this cop out works, it shouldn’t.

Umm, you can’t transfer a highsec structure when you are in a war. At least you couldn’t and I am pretty sure that hasn’t changed.

Has it?


Agreed, WDs should have teeth and risk as well. HQ structure should get one very short RF timer so opponent can destroy it within the WD time frame. Throwing down an LP Raitaru or Astra hull, and getting 11 days out of the timer is bogus.

Wars are a dead mechanic now. It’s just a license to grind timers in HiSec.

You guys look down on wars, but before the mechanics trashed them… they were good.

Wars were the dirt track racing of PvP. They were for cheap, low cost boats flying at the dirty edge of what could be done.

The safety mechanics and high costs eliminated what was a great part of the game.

For you guys who are too young to remember when wars cost 2 mil for the first one, imagine my 3 person Corp showing up in a microfleet of T1 frigates to fight.

Who wouldn’t want to fight that? Even noobs used to fleet up and fight.

That was from back when Eve was growing.


There has been no word on it changing. So… I’d say this needs some actual verifying that it really works.

And then those people grew up and became hub humpers. Player base is to blame there, not CCP

Can confirm. Wardecked a Corp and next day they transferred their structure making them inelligible

Well, this is then clearly a bug. Wars have been made irrelevant for anything except bashing a structure so allowing them to be transferred out of a war not only makes wars useless for attacking a structure, but structures invulnerable.

Are you sure they just didn’t decommission one? That takes 7 days, but will happen even in a war if you don’t reinforce it before the timer ends. That would then end the war. Or they could transfer them within an alliance, but that shouldn’t end the war.

I couldn’t find any mention of the inability to transfer on the Upwell pages, but the notice about transfers while at war is still on the POCO page:

So file a bug report or go make some noise on Reddit.


Yes, it does work. It wasn’t possible before the war changes, but now it is.

So the Tranquility Trading Tower Keepstar is completely invulnerable?

I’m not doubting you, but why aren’t there invulnerable Market Hub Azbels everywhere in Perimeter hopping corps daily to avoid wars?

Something doesn’t add up. I’ll check when I get a chance to log in and declare a war.


Could be it is a recent bug, possibly due to wars expiring recently. Initially, nobody would know they could transfer structures while under wardec because you’re not supposed to be able to. Once someone finds out, the information leaks out to others.

If I were CCP, I would not want to tell people this bug exists if it hadn’t yet become a major problem. I would prefer to fix it before it became common knowledge. If it is real, which it seems to be, and becoming common knowledge, the next best thing is to declare it an exploit. If I were running a high profile operation like the tower, I would fear reprisal for using a bug like this to save my assets. CCP knows I should know better.

I don’t know what the people who run the tower are like. I avoid Jita and the surrounding area if I can, but I don’t think it’s implausible for a reasonable mature player to look at that situation and say ‘nope’.

No it wasn´t a decomission and no, it wasn´t in HS either ( if that should be relevant for anyone here too :wink: )

Well at this point, I really think it is non-intentional. I will try to get a bug report going or something.

If someone knows more about this, please let us know here.

Well, I think the transfer restriction before was only in highsec.

Which then does sort of open up a way to escape the war as a defender if your only structure is outside of highsec, but at least you as the attacker can still shoot the structure. But they also can just hop corps so it isn’t that gamebreaking a loophole.

Still, file a petition. The GMs are nice and will help you figure out if it is a bug or not.

more or less i watched the war over the tower, it ended up being so much TiDi the station just gave the finger to goons and they warped away after it insta healed itself when it was on hull lol

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Just tested this with a citadel in hisec, not possible.


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Hub humping was the result of destruction of hunting mechanics and elevated war prices.

Think about it.

Wars went from 2 mil to 50 mil. Declaring war with your 2 buddies against some snarky kid in a backwater system is absolutely worth 2 mil. 50 mil is too much for that. Now I have to put up a station? Nah, not over a little insult.

Wars lost meaning.

If you wanted to fight one… it made sense to join a co-op to share assets… ie: the mercs who would guarantee you targets.

But once you couldn’t tell if your targets were online… hunting kind of lost meaning and became very time inefficient… so everyone stopped doing it.

You could still sit on the pipeline and blap reds… and everything else was sadly now more boring and unfulfilling than that… so that is what was left.

For years.

I don’t think the decline is a mechanic specific issue and I don’t think any of the changes to mining or PvP they’ve made recently matter.

War without drama is not really that much different than mining. It’s just number hoarding, there are no stories or grudges or interesting occurrences.

Once the drama drivers died… it turned into a farming simulator.

And regarding Eve as a farming simulator… I’d guess your recommendations are more pertinent than mine.