Wardec Then Log :(

Why are there no rules about wardecing and then logging? My alliance was wardeced by a 15 man single-corp alliance not long ago and as soon as the war started they logged and haven’t been seen since.

IMO this is gaming the system in a trolling manner. If someone wardecs someone else, there should be a requirement to at least attempt to engage. I can understand some PVE’ers not wanting to fight and docking during wardecs, while I disagree with it, I understand it – but they don’t go around wardecing 50+ alliances to pad their resume.

Can someone from CCP possibly explain why this is allowed. And for clarity, I’m not asking for war decing corps to be required to sit out in open space like ducks lined up for a shoot, I’m saying that during the period of a week they should be required to at least engage or undock once or be fined or make their successive war bills double, triple, etc.

Honestly, wardecs change nothing in our alliance – I see it as a free war when we’re the defender, we get to kill sh… stuff and not pay a dime. But it is rather annoying that you see a wardec come in thinking someone finally gained the testicular fortitude to challenge you, to find them cowering in a station somewhere then log off. I’m sorry, but if you don’t have the courage to undock, you have no business declaring wars.

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I can’t help but notice you are in the NPC corp, making your complaint unproven at best, and perhaps even completely invented since the Republic Military School is not in an alliance or even wardeccable.

Do you lack the testicular fortitude to post on these game forums with your main?


How about you post your API before requesting people post their mains, hmm? Thought so. My post was directed at a CCP contact, they can look up my account to see who we are. They can also see the war and more than 48 hours of the offenders being offline.

this forum is for players. if you want to contact CCP, you have to use the ticket system. think about it. if they responded to everaone who calls them out around here, they’d not get to do anything else, because suddenly every joe and jack would feel entitled to a response.

they might have logged, waiting for a good time to engage. they’re likely using alts, watching their targets. a proper response to this tactic is setting up logon traps and doing the same thing.


Playing on your target’s cowardice to disrupt their operations seems like a perfectly legitimate use of the mechanic.


Thanks for the reply, I haven’t used their ticket system in years, do they have a feedback option or email? My first stop was the ticket system but at first glance (admittedly I didn’t fully explore all the categories) I didn’t see anything about feedback.

What is the point of wardecing, paying concord, then just logging off other than to keep a fleet camping your station and wasting their time (which is trolling)? Not just that, but they ban our diplo (I’m not a diplo by any stretch of the imagination) from their public channel for asking (very politely) if they want to fight in a war they declared. Obviously, they have no intentions of fighting, as they’re declared war with half of EVE’s major alliances.

So that’s a yes then.

You could have just said so, or if you wanted to be more verbose said something like “Yes Mr. Pedro, I am just a scared little man-child blustering about cowardice in others on the forums while hiding behind an anonymous forum alt.”

If this supposed wardec “doesn’t change anything” for you and your alliance, why should CCP waste time on this? If the aggressors won’t undock, you win and you get to call them out on their lack of testicular fortitude. Woo hoo. If they do undock you get to “shoot them for free”. Win win.

So friend, unless you are going to man up and call these aggressors out by name, there doesn’t seem much to discuss.


i’m not sure. i rarely use it, unless it’s about the forums. there’s a gameplay category iirc, which you could use. i’m not sure what you’d expect, though. keeping it ingame is more efficient, aka deccing them back when it ends.

if they wre truly running from you, that’ll have impact. if all they do right now iswaiting for a proper time to engage, though, you’re just overreacting right now. wait the week out and see what happens first, because then you can mqke a better decision. in any case do i hope both sides get their asses handed to themselves, but that’s just me… i love seeing the world burn. :blush:

after your edit: you make assumptions. these assumptions play in their hands. that’s a mistake, really.

Still waiting for that full API as well

Thanks, I’ll look at it again or get our diplo to handle it.

It’s gaming the system, padding wars that the offender has no intention of fighting. They’re literally at war with over 50 alliances with only 15 players in their alliance with 0 kills. I’m sorry but they’re gaming the system IMO.

Pedro has been here for years. He knows what he’s doing and saying. behaving badly on the forums can just get you more wardecs than you might be able to handle. if that’s what you want, though (sounds fun, tbh :D) then go ahead. he’s not trolling, you two are just miscommunicating. :slight_smile:

anyway… good luck!

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I get that but I’m not a diplo for my alliance and would be breaking the rules of that alliance to be here representing them. As long as I bring my issues up in a manner that does not represent that alliance, I am fully compliant with their rules, but I’m sure Pedro already knew that, because that’s standard ops for alliances, and I’m sure he was trying to bait what he thought was a newbie into doxing themselves. Or maybe he thought I really was bluffing, fabricating a dramatic story that “never” happens in eve to rattle my own chain… >_>

Edit: I see now, Pedro didn’t like my name. I guess he just figured out that I’m very much against baby seal clubbing and his organization (CODE) is very much for it. Nothing makes you a man in EVE like beating the hell out of a new player that just completed the tutorial with no weapons or knowledge of how to PVP, right Pedro? Or is this the part where you tell us that you weren’t involved with the contest on your website where there was a grand prize for the ganker that killed the youngest EVE pilot in a venture (which caused CCP to bring down the banhammer)?

And THAT is why you should use an alt.

This whole game is about misdirection, threats, feints. Make your opponent think you will be somewhere else, attacking them when they are weak, and avoiding their attack when you are at a disadvantage. You cannot know why they declared war, and by your own declaration it is only a good thing. I still see no reason for this thread or your baseless accusation that they are “gaming the system”.

They paid for a war they declared and you both are now able to shoot each other. Perhaps they have better things to do, or just want to keep you out of a particular place that you haven’t ventured, but regardless, there is no reason to come to the forums a start accusing them of cowardice for open hostilities between your two groups. Do you know what is more cowardly? Not declaring a war in the first place.

If you want actual strategic advice about how to bait out or get the drop on a war target, then engage with Yellow Parasol or others and ask for such guidance. But I have no patience for you to bring your faux big man act to the forums while hiding behind a forum alt, and even less for you to ask for changes to the actual mechanics of the game because of something you acknowledge has no effect on you.

This is a sandbox and wars can be declared for all sorts of reasons, or even for no reason at all. We don’t need any more contrived rules over who and why or how people can declare a war.

Just go play the game.


So… what has been lost by them not being around for you to fight?

Maybe you lost some good fights, maybe you lost some neutral logi fights. Maybe you saved yourself from some bad fights.

I used to wardec on an alt and log for 5 days all the time. It makes people relax, become complacent even.

That’s when you get the juicy kills. Freighters, Marauders, Orcas plus Hulk fleets.

Just because he’s not on, it doesn’t mean he isn’t watching.


That’s very doubtful, we have eyes on all of their members 24/7. Not a single one has logged in for over 48 hours except for the CEO and he only logged in to declare some 20 more wars and immediately logged off again.

I get the game is about misdirection, and some ■■■■-talking, etc but it just seems cheesy to wardec with no intention of fighting. But in this situation when the alliance/corp is at war with nearly every major alliance from their own wardecs – when you consider that fact – it paints a clearer picture that there is no threats, feints, or misdirections, it is someone that is doing nothing more than trolling all the big alliances. It’s not trolling their vets either – its trolling their newbies because instead of them getting used to the game and grinding rep or whatnot so they can start upgrading gear/ships/cybernetics and such, they have to pvp fit their ships. Most of our vets don’t even see them as a threat in PVE fit ships with the ■■■■ fittings they have.

Again, if you want to wardec to scare a bunch of miners to pay a surrender fee, fine. But wardecing just to pad your killboard with no intent to undock seems cheesy.

oh, so you’re THAT kind of person. okay…

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Wasn’t that clear from the OP?

I don’t know who your main is, or who has declared war on you, but you seem… outclassed. First, just because you haven’t seen any of their members log in doesn’t mean they don’t have neutral eyes all around you, watching every move you make, waiting for you to make a mistake.

More than likely they don’t, and are just camping the trade lanes with neutrals waiting to ambush you. There are only a handful of them after all so there is no chance of a frontal assault. Don’t think though that just because you have eyes on all of them you are safe - players can hop into an active war and start shooting right away.

Regardless, they have brought you content. If you want to shoot them though, you are going to have to make them think they can win or they won’t engage, just like everywhere else in this game.

Another of the idiotic things that pervades these forums, post with your main or go away.

Is this really my “main” character? or is it simply the character I choose to post with?
In a game that allows for multiple accounts AND multiple characters per account how do you define “main”?

I thought this forum was to post ideas about the game, or to post up concerns about what happens in the game so they can be discussed, in that context does the character really matter used really matter?
The person at the keyboard behind CODE Watcher has raised what they consider to be a problem within the game and the way it’s mechanics are applied, does the corp CODE Watcher is in or the kill board status of the character even matter in the slightest here?

Based on the birth date of the Black Pedro character I have been playing this game for at least 4 years longer than the person behind the Black Pedro character, does that make my thoughts and ideas more relevant or more important than his? While I have great respect for Pedro and his knowledge of the game based on the responses in this forum that changes nothing, neither his nor my comments are any less important or relevant than anyone elses.


I actually don’t care if you post with an alt. There are plenty of good reasons to not want to tie a forum identity with an in-game one or have specific identities for specific areas of the game.

I do care though if you come to the forums swinging your genitals around calling people cowards for not undocking and fighting you or whatever from behind the safety of an anonymous alt. Not only is it hypocrisy of the highest order, it is a waste of time for everyone if you aren’t going to get to the point and name names. Either keep your braggadocio in-game and have a detached discussion about game mechanics, or go all-in on the trash talk and bring it to the forums with your main. Trying to call out someone to the field of battle while hiding yourself only makes you look pitiful and weak.


if its directed to ccp then open a ticket and not start a thread on the player forums :slight_smile:

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