Not able to get war assistance due to broken game mechanics

was recently decced by Phoenix Naval, and they made themselves not war eligible the very same minute, no way of countering this. please fix


What’s the results of this look like?

  • Phoenix Naval Systems decalres war
  • Structures corp leaves alliance, making the attacker war ineligible

At this point doesn’t the war cancel after a 24 hour cooldown?

Correct. But they did it about 12hours before final timer. So they came and destroyed our structure unopposed. They pulled similar stunt at armor timer. No way to get help against them

Ah gotcha so using the 24 cool down as a window to attack a structure without assistance. Pay 2x the wardec fee to attack the station unopposed. Clever. Eve players never cease to amaze me in their ability to manipulate rules.

Easily fixable by placing a 24h “warm up” on WarDecs. During this period attackers can’t recruit or remove corporations and defenders can rally support.


I definitely don’t understand the mechanics behind war decs but this sounds like an exploit to me.

@CCP_Habakuk would this be an exploit that needs fixing on the War Dec Mechanics?


Not saying it’s good …
… but it’s smart.

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Yeah. Kudos. It just makes the war assist mechanics useless.

Well …

Thank them for abusing it …
… and thank you for sharing it.

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