Hm... Is this thing still on?

It has been a few years. Let’s see how ‘IEEE act the fourth’ works out. Wandering the space lanes.


I remember you, a fine purveyor of shenanigans and comeuppances; + you did a great number on Socratic, welcome back.

FYI we’re all mining now. The carebears called our bluff and left the game, and there is literally no more minerals. Please train for a Hulk ASAP, we have a couple in storage for cases just like this.

I can pilot a Hulk. Contract one to me immediately.

O/ another Snuggly pirate =)

Hi Zedrik!

Great to see you back again!


I saw you posting when I was perusing the forums before deciding to hop back in. Thanks a lot. See you out there.


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