Code. you now work for me!

Your job application was approved.

Tomorrow will start you off by cleaning the Armor on Frostpacker 9 Athanor. please be sure to show up on time.

Future work requirement will be scanning down Frostpacker Moon mining operations.

There are some really cheap ways to pay you for your time in performing the roles set out for you so please keep the War declared that you had set on Frostpacker.

The enjoyment of building sand castles is found within New Eden and how Code is now seen as the wave of the ocean at the price of a mcdonald’s happy meal.

Keep up the good work



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That made me chuckle, but isn’t this more suited for the fiction portal?

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You know what, I never thought of it this way.

For the price of a happy meals worth of plex you can hire mercs and code to do your bidding in hisec.

Certainly more fulfilling than eating McDonalds. And more enjoyment and content too.


Topic Moved to Crime and Punishment.


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@ISD_Buldath You moved this post to crime and punishment, is that official CCP acknowledgement that the CODE. is the lawful government of high-sec, and Iceacid is now a convicted criminal who will legally face sanctioned punishment?


You are silly.


That’s one way of putting it… They’re awfully prolific as well. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but sometimes I wonder if we need half a dozen code threads open at all times… Or if it’s not maybe inappropriate to have a troll account swoop in at the two month, 29 day mark and resurrect a handful of threads all in one evening…

But as a great man once said, “Oh well.”

No, actually we need a dozen at least.

I’m sure there is an alt or two your Corp could have make that happen.

That’s the carebear way of doing things, but not mine.

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