System changes security status and new stargate comes online in New Eden - 2022.12.08

Greetings fellow capsullers,

Today we see, what is to the best of my knowledge, the first up-tick security change of a solar system in the New Eden cluster. The system in question is the system of Intaki, situated in the Viriette constellation, in the Placid region and it entails a rise in security status from 0.1 to 0.2. It is still Low-Sec, so no real technical change, but it shows that the cluster is not stale and is in fact evolving.
This security status change also comes with the construction and on-lining of a new stargate, to link the aforementioned system of Intaki and the High-Sec system of Amygnon, with a security rating of 0.6.
So, how do you feel about this news? What is your opinion on this new development?

Link to the CONCORD brief about this:

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It’s about time they implemented some dynamic system security rating. I hope there are more to come, especially seeing upticks in sec status. Good one CCP!


There are some regions in the upper part of the map I would like opened up… I don’t care about sec status, just stargate them.

I wonder what those containers next to the gate are for… There are not many gates with such containers next to them.

They held the materials to build the gate. Easier to have the mats on site than to wait on freighters to ship it as you need it.

I was thinking about the Isogen-5 chain explosions… This stargate may be a kind of Trojan horse.

I am of the Intaki bloodline and I am concerned. There has been plenty of time to address so called problems of my home world earlier, were motivations noble and pure. Exploitation is what is most likely to come of a sudden and not at all optional rendering of military ‘support’.

If we wanted the Federation’s help, we would have asked for it long ago.


I think that this is a very good and welcome direction of change for the game that many current and future players would love to see. Hopefully by this time next year, many low-sec/null-sec systems are converted to high security for EVE’s players to enjoy!

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I will re-up my subscription for the next 10 years in advance if you make Jita nullsec…


Imagine the chaos…

I remember that being one of my first questions in EVE was if players can influence sec status when I started out.

There won’t be no chaos, players will simply create a new hub in Perimeter if that would happen. It won’t even make any route to be “impassable”, it will just cause some routes to be 1-2 jumps longer. The route from Isanamo direction 3 jumps.

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yeah that would be nice, wouldn’t it? Imagine flipping a system full of bot orca miners while they mine. And then just slaughtering them mercilessly. That would be glorious.

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This update provides another avenue to get to Placid, which is good. Lots of PVP action taking place around Vlil.

I just meant initially

Yeah I suppose the first weeks would be fun.

I’d like to see CCP somehow merge faction warfare with systems security and give us the possibility of both decreasing and increasing system security. Maybe a fleet can select a direction for the security change - up or down before they start doing FW. And if they win, then the system goes 0.1 down or up in security, in accordance with the fleet’s initial intentions.


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