ALERT: Gate network destabilization imminent

Citizens of New Eden;

After a few quiet years, with great concern we at Displaced Discoveries must again approach you with a dire warning.

At a time when stellar transmuters are fought over and active in a warzone, we have multiple independent observations of the the stargate network being under similar destabilization as it was before the Pochven incident. Gate pulses of exact the same nature can be clearly observed in all tribal space, and have been reported from other corners of the known cluster.

The period is already short and points towards a new destabilization event at the same time as the predicted Turnur stellar event, on November 2nd.

Last time this happened, the gate network was disrupted to the extent that it was shut down completely in order to avoid a feedback loop and its total destruction. 27 systems were removed from the network into what now is known as the region of Pochven.

There is a reason to believe that at that time this phenomenon was to some extent controlled by the Triglavians, who understood what they were doing and the limitations of their technology. This appears not to be the case this time, instead the active transmuters being experimental and ran by parties with limited understanding. We also fear that it might be too late for safely shut them down now that the network destabilization has progressed.

We encourage every world and every station to prepare for a period of shut down of interstellar traffic, of unknown length, starting in three days.

We also encourage the nations controlling the transmuter sites to immediately allow an international task force of free science to approach the transmuter sites in order to find a swift solution to this newest threat to civilization.

We further encourage all free-thinking scientists of the known cluster to immediately share any and all data they have on this and related phenomena.

Please distribute this.

Sky Seolec
Principal Investigator
Displaced Discoveries
Republic University of Floseswin


Woooooo Hoooooo!

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who the hell cares?


Sweet, shut down those nasty K space gates.


Iā€™d suggest anyone operating in there have means besides the gates to get out. Never hurts to have contingencies.


Looking forward to welcoming our 3 new neighbors :slight_smile:

Maybe instead of figuring out how to get things out, you should wonder what you could take in?


who needs minmatar space anyway

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Ask Sarum, Ardishapur and Kittenz. They seem rather obsessed with it.

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EDENCOM Defensive Initiative fully understand the concerns and warning the Amarr Empire also.

But they are not listening.


Most of us bothering to read this have the braincells to only reply to stuff we care about.

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Capsuleer Claims of Gate Instability and Future Breakdowns Prompts SCC to Issue Assurances Over Gate Network Stability


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