[ARC] Evacuation effort for Turnur


As mentioned by the SCOPE News, the star in Turnur has been irreversibly destabilized and it is predicted to reach a catastrophic critical point at 17:00 NEST on the 2nd of November. While the exact nature of this major stellar event is still unknown, a repeat of the Seyllin Incident and tragedy is one of the possible outcomes and a warning regardering the stability of the stargate network has been issued.

With this in mind and in coordination with our partners, ARC is organising an evacuation fleet to get as many remaining people that want to leave; out of the system of Turnur. Due to the limited time, hostile situation in space and possible disruption of stargates ARC is only able to organise a single evacuation fleet. This evacuation will take place on Monday the 31st between 20:00 and 22:00 NEST. The fleet will start forming in the system of Ammold at 19:30 NEST

ARC is asking for the support of any and all pilots who wish to assist with the evacuation efforts. For the evacuation fleet ARC is looking for Blockade Runner class transport ships and pilots who are able to use a Covert Cynosural Field Generator. Due to the earlier mentioned conditions, the use of regular transports or jumpfreighters is considered to be to risky.

In addition to this ARC will, with immediate effect, cover any and all cost related to getting people that want to leave the system from the planets to one of the four stations; in preperation of the evacuation fleet on the 31st. These costs will be covered even if these people wish to use other means to leave the system of Turnur. ARC will also cover the cost of relocating, housing and other necessities after the people have been evacuated out of Turnur.

After these evacuation efforts, ARC is dedicated to do the same for the people living in the systems of Vard and Egmar but details for those evacuation efforts will follow at a later date.


(ARC Fleet Commander)


I sincerely hope efforts are made to prevent crowd panic situations that often follow on with large ‘one time’ opportunities for escape. Additionally, I certainly respect the efforts here, but I question the efficacy… based on previous evacuations of the sort. Largely, the affluent tend to be the ones who actually escape through such things.

In a very real way, any saved is better than none. Still, ARC is working on liaising with local authorities and our various partners to ensure adequate support on the ground.

Additionally, we’ll be relaying to those assisting pilots that station-to-neighboring system transport is an increased priority given the risk of gate network instability.


I doubt that ARC is going to be the only one that is focussed on evacuation those who wish to leave. Due to the current situation an ongoing effort of direct evacuation support is not possible for ARC. We are doing what we can to help evacuate as many as possible.



I was recently notified of your request to enter my constellation to evacuate “people”.

The only life forms that remain in proximity to turnur I are descendants of minmatar colonists. They are not so much “people” as unclaimed property. While barely sentient, they can be dangerous if permitted to leave the gravity well, and so your request to mount an incursion into the Amarr Militia’s backyard is rejected. Unauthorized incursions into Eugidi will result in immediate retaliation from the Amarr militia and the addition of offending entity(s) to the blacklist.


Mikal Vektor
Supreme Commander of Allied Amarr Militia Forces


Most regrettably the date and time of this initiative conflicts with important personal out-of-pod matters outside of my control, making my direct participation impossible. However, I want to publicly voice support for any and all capsuleer initiatives contributing to the evacuation of civilians from the Turnur system, and use what little weight my voice has to encourage any pilot, regardless of loyalty or affiliation, to contribute to this initiative in whatever way they can.


I have seen GalNet reports that the population of Turner I is being duped into staying planetside by a dangerous lunatic demagogue. Perhaps he can be “convinced” to change his stance with the appropriate inducements.

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Visionaries are called such because they see what others can not.
If this man asked for my help I would give it to him. The Matar are a proud people.

I too, will send the inhabitants of Turnur I my “thoughts and prayers”.

Your enthusiasm for your cause is noted, however… Even the Empire largely doesn’t hold such extreme views about the average person of Matari descent. I also believe you’re quite aware of that, considering your position.

I think it worth noting that, despite current political climates, the Amarr Empire has assisted or encouraged cooperative mass evacuations for events like the one projected in Turnur in the past, with things such as the Seylin disaster, and such. They are, largely, holding a continued belligerent stance against cooperation with Republic Fleet and TLF calls for evacuations, but stonewalling externals doesn’t seem to be in their current operational call. I know you’re an intelligent sort, why make the effort to burn an opportunity to create goodwill for the Empire you’ve chosen to support? And, its worth noting as well that, not all remaining individuals are matari, the Scope made mention that a great deal that are attempting to evacuate are corporate workforces and third party colonists.

I am not advocating you to make some kind of truce with TLF or Republic aligned entities to allow them to evacuate people, but why burn the bridge for external parties, that might nominally have reason to continue operating in the Amarr Empire fairly peaceably?


While you are correct that I am bound to certain standards of conduct in my representation of the Empire, you must understand that permitting entry of externals into eugidi, even those claiming to be “Amarr loyalists”, can result in depletion of the militia’s forces and loss of life. The work being conducted in Turnur is too vital to the Empire’s interests to permit entry to the constellation by anyone other than the Amarr Militia who hold it.

As to the persistence of non-matari inhabitants of Turnur I, I will personally step foot on the station in the next few hours to ascertain the truth of this. Should your claims be verified, these individuals will be relocated to the safety of Aset, transtellar station.


‘Your’ constellation is about as porous as a bullet-ridden sieve.

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It is also as vacuous as your combat record, though our foes will find it well defended.

Be silent child.

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Mmmhm. And how many of the ARC transports you specifically said would face ‘immediate retaliation’ did you destroy? None?

Truly, you are a terror to behold.

To keep those with an interest abreast of the situation, the evacuations of the planets and stations closest to the sun of Turnur seem to be progressing along quite nicely. There was a conflict over an anchoring Astrahus class station some 13,000km off Turnur I station between the local militia forces, but this did not affect humanitarian efforts, besides some search and rescue conducted by local forces.

Various individuals have been conducting transport operations of their own, both baseliner and capsuleer, and I’ve personally noticed little interference by Navy or pirate forces. Exact numbers likely won’t be known for some time, but I think the amount of people successfully moved to safer locations falls in the high tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands by now.

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Well, seeing as how we set in motion events that have resulted in minmatar vermin fleeing at last from our realm, yes, I’d say we are… to them at least.

Pay no heed though. This is nothing. I’m just getting warmed up.

It seems as if the ““minmatar”” believe that whimpering insults will redeem their consistent failures on the battlefield. Ignore them.

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Good to see our sacrifice was not in vain. It’s very suprising how incompetent these Amarr scientists ((chuckles)) are, even for the Amarr what they have started in Turnur is insanity, they are almost as incompetent as our Republic fleets inability to stop them, but its not suprising with Kanth Filmir at the helm. What ever happens in Turner and we know it won’t be good, lets hope the republic have the courage to use the Egmar and Vard Transmutters on the empire.

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Using a tragedy such as the one that appears to be unfolding in Turnur as justification for horrific acts of war is deplorable, even if rather on-brand for a member of your organisation. Let’s focus on mitigating consequences in Turnur, rather than trying to spread them across the cluster, yes?

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It is to late for reason, the Amarr have shown that. We are deplorable, we are vengeance, we are the bloody hand.