[ALERT] Turnur star seems to be pulsating

Hello fellow Capsuleers,
as we all know amarr has deployed stellar transmuters in some systems and the star in turnur is about to enter a stage where probably all gates in the system will be disabled.

I moved a research Magnate to the system to do some independet research.
I recorded the star and i noticed it is increasing its light every once in a while for a second.

See the recording for yourself (appologies for bad sound quality)
EVE ONLINE Turnur Star seems to be pulsating - YouTube

The star is very very unstable.

My current theory on what will happen is that the star will go supernovea/magnetic field flips and huge bursts of energy get released then the star gates will be shutdown by the rays.
The system will be cutt of from other systems.
After the event wormholes will apear more frequently in and around the turnur system leading in and out of turnur.
One after one the other stars with stellar transmuters will experience the same event as turnur will and will also be cut off.
Then amarr will build a pochven 2.0 where they can develop new technologies without interferrence of any other faction.

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blame the dam minmatar for interfering with the science that could had made the galaxy a better place :frowning:

Oh no nothing might break out at any minute.

Its the amarr thats using it

yes , but minmatar is trowing sand by pure spite as always

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I hope whatever happens blows up this under construction Fortizar, too.


Im quite thankful for the fortizar though since it let me warp to the star without having my screen filled by star.

But its red to brave so ■■■■ the fort

Then amarr will build a pochven 2.0 where they can develop new technologies without interferrence of any other faction.

I suspect the Triglavians will have something to say about that. It will be up to the Amarran capsuleers to “prove the direction of their flow” to see if the rest of their people moving through the Flow of Vyraj are fit to enter or be expelled. Begs the question though, fit to enter what? Will it be the Pochven 2.0 the Amarr may be expecting, or will it be existing pochven and the Triglavians are going to test to see whether the Amarrans would be worthy allies against the “Ancient Enemy Azdaja” (drifters), as well as Sansha’s nation and possibly rogue drones as indicated in the video?

If that’s the case (wild speculation here) then the allegiances would be Amarr-Caldari-Triglavian against Minmatar-Gallente-Drifter, with Sansha’s Nation and the Rogue Drones’ allegiances being dependent on the outcome of the Gallente-Caldari FW project. That would be an opportunity to bring a bunch of new ships into the game, expand empire presences into both Pochven and Anoikis, and (dare I speculate) maybe even add new player character races.

I’m still pretty new to this game and am probably lacking context, and from the general consensus I’ve heard about CCP I’m probably being overly optimistic. That’s just what the storyteller in me has come up with on the information I’ve been able to find while I’m supposed to be working. We’ll find out either way in a couple days!


Either that, or since it sounds like the Triglavians are not entirely in agreement amongst themselves about the rogue drones, one of the clades and the rogue drones come to the Caldari-Gallente side of the equation, and Sansha’s incursions become bigger and scarier since we’d all be getting more toys?

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I wonder if CCP will ever figure out that player driven content is much more engaging than scripted NPC nonsense.


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