Turnur: The calm before the storm

On site in Turnur at 15:00 hours, here to observe and document the before and after of this catastrophe caused by the reckless actions of the Amarrian empire.

The Star:

As we know, The Amarrian Stellar Transmuters are based on the similar technology to the Triglovian tech used to alter the gravitational mass of Pochven stars which damaged our gate network during the Triglavian Invasion.

For days before such an event the gates in the affected systems began to flicker, no such behavor has yet been observed in Turnur to my knowledge, I do not expect the gates to go down.

Turnur III:

Turnur III is predicted to be outside of the reach of the stellar event estimated to occur around 17:00 today. I recommend anybody who plans to remain in system to evacuate to the stations beyond this point immediately.

Turnur I:

Turnur I and it’s stations will be the most affected of any bodies within the system, these photos may be the last to be taken of the body before this event occurs.


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