Observation Log: Turnur

Ave, pilots. So, um. Yeah.


Oh, gods and spirits…

So, meet Tunur-- Turnur actual, if you like.

He’s … he’s having a bad month.

I assume this thing needs no introduction.

So, uh, following in my practice of going and providing eyes on horrible things about to happen to stars and, sometimes, sticking around to find out exactly what, I’ll be here for the next few days and then either going to bits with everyone else here or, I guess, going wherever they go so I can report back on where that is.

I’ll keep updating this log with observations and such from around the system. Please wish us all luck, or pray for us, at your preference. (And feel free to leave me out of it; I’m the last person in this system who needs saving.)

More to follow.


If you’re going to stick around until the end, how much to fit a transmission repeater for the concert feed signal from the Nomad camps dirtside? For simulcast timing, ensuring the apocalyptic crescendo is the same everywhere, we’ll need someone capable of hosting QE comms repeater for local broadcasts.

The apocalypse will still be televised.

If you blow up, will we get a third Aria. Or will it still be you? From what I’ve gathered you’ve had some disassociating in the past.

Has the star been Diming and bighting faster now or is it slower?

Not by me. Sorry, Miz. I still remember what the name of your band means, and I do still owe duty to a certain someone.

That depends on who you ask. If my pod gets obliterated before I can copy out I’ll just revert to a backup. For my ISK it’ll still be me-- not the me writing this, but one current as of yesterday. It’ll probably be a little weird for her reading this, but it’s not like it’s my first time, you know?

I’m sorry; I’m not sure. I didn’t see it before. Maybe at some point I can get some measurements. At the moment it seems like it’s … uh, irregular. Less pulse, more stutter.

I have noticed a few things since I arrived, but it’s a little hard to say for sure which bits are just local conditions and which are the, um, “problem.”

More to follow.

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All right, local conditions.

Turnur local is currently looking pretty hospitable relative to, like, pre-weaving Kuharah.

For reference:

“Overcast, in black and red,” is an especially alarming weather report when it applies to a whole solar system. “Some clearing along the plane of the ecliptic.”

That’s not us, not right now.

As for the stars…

Turnur …

… and Kuharah.

Turnur looks pretty okay, right? Well …

See that intense gleam of light, right at the contact point? It’s variable; it’s not always there, and I’ll say at the outset: this might be an illusion created by the transmuter’s harvesting pattern. In fact I think it pretty likely is.

Can someone spare a few minutes to go check the other systems with this specific apparatus set up around them? I gather they’re not shut down just yet, and it’d be good to know for sure, whether this is just an illusion caused by a cross-shaped pattern of harvested solar plasma or, you know, a sign of Things Going Wrong.


On the note of Things Going Wrong? Twice in the last little while when I’ve been away from the star I’ve noticed a brilliant flare of light across my camera lens-- even faced well away from the star itself. Not sure if this could be just something I’m noticing now because, well, obvious things, or…

I’ll see if I can catch an image of it later.


Got it! Two pulses, maybe 3/4 of a second apart.

First pulse …

… and second.

I’m pretty sure the flare is some sort of camera quirk; its angle changes with camera orientation.

Essentially not visible when either pointed either vaguely towards or significantly away from the star. Definitely a camera lensing effect of some kind. But pretty strongly indicative of … uh.


I mean, it’s not like it’s a false alarm.


This Lens Flare effect is not unique to Turnur or any system with a Stellar Transmuter. I think it is an error in the pod-camera visualization software.


Considered that it might be related to the gate network pulsing, rather than specific to the stars being fuckered in half?

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The events now happening in Turnur are a tragedy, insofar as it is a tragedy for the potential loss of life among the faithful of Amarr caught in the system – they have my prayers that they may leave the system peacefully and unharmed.

However as tragic as what is now happening in Turnur is, I lay the fault with the Tribal terrorists and apostates of the so-called Republic. Their adherence to the strictures of violence lead directly to present events by hampering peaceful research efforts to acquire data on the nature of stellar transmutation. Without the constant violence faced by Imperial scientists due to Tribal terrorists the events now occurring in Turnur might have been avoided.

That the misguided attempts at force by Tribal terrorists against peaceful research has now lead to the potential destruction of Minmatar apostate squatters on Amarrian soil is an irony I at least will enjoy.

Haha, okay, I guess it really is a false alarm! … or at least, it doesn’t mean what it seemed to.

Thank you for the correction, my lord.

So … right now Turnur Local is listing … let’s see … 65 pilots. And I don’t think there’s a fleet blowing anything up or anything. Starting to feel like I’m commentating a Mindclash match or something.

More in a bit.

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Okay, so, we’re at a little under 24 hours 'til … well. The Expected. Whatever that turns out to be.

The transmuter unit remains pretty clearly active, though of course exactly how this technology works and on what kind of schedule is more than a bit of a mystery, and probably an Imperial (and by now maybe Republic) state secret.

Would shutting it off help? Would it trigger whatever is going to happen all the faster? Is any star invested in this way even still stable without its transmuter? … It’s hard to say.

I wonder what it’s like on board. Is the staff frantically trying to find a fix? Resigned to their fates? Fighting a vicious battle royale over seats on the last transport home? Already evacuated?

Also hard to say.

… I wonder if even they really know what’s going to happen.

Outside, the world seems pretty full of theories, and a growing number of groups are backing those theories with action.

The Fraternity fortizar under construction (yesterday; it’s now finished);

DNG fortizar under construction, virtually on top of the transmuter (extra points for audacity);

Caladrius fortizar under construction;

Ivy League athanor under construction;

Stimulus fortizar under construction;

And there’ll likely be more by the time this posts. And of course CTRL-V had some other stuff in here to start with.

The idea apparently is that this system’s headed, forcibly, to Pochven. I’m skeptical; Pochven was very purposely, carefully, and systematically “woven,” with lots of prep time and a new, Collective-controlled gate network ready to spring into action the moment the old one closed.

We know Abyssal deadspace goes to varying depths. Deathglow, for example, is a sort of peripheral material that naturally occurs only at a fairly shallow depth still connected to normal spacetime. The actual Abyss, with its spindled asteroids and encysted spacetime bubbles the Triglavians use for arenas, is likely much deeper than Pochven. I’m not sure why anybody thinks this system is likely to land at Pochven’s specific depth.

I also wonder who’ll be left standing by the time the star does its thing tomorrow. Whatever that is. All of this is going to look pretty funny if we all just get obliterated.

I mean, not funny “ha-ha,” but still.

Meantime, the Local environment’s taken on almost a festival atmosphere. The transmuter and the star have been getting a lot of visitors, and there’s been surprisingly little fighting. Wonder if that’ll last.

Some poor soul I don’t think had any idea he was sitting there uncloaked and stationary (and remarkably unexploded). I tried to message him but couldn’t get a response; might have been asleep. Hope he woke up before somebody … hungry … found him.

… such as this somewhat less-poor soul who might or might not have been on the hunt around the transmuter. Didn’t actually see him kill anyone, but he was showing suspect and there were a couple wrecks. It’s how I picked him out of the crowd in the first place.

Innocent Mind’s heron, following the beam towards the star.

A lot of people have been doing this, at least one of whom left a rather useful series of crates, good targets for warping to.

(If you’re watching, though, maybe you could drop something more durable in a spot or two? Jetcans are apparently sturdy enough to hang out in a pretty toasty bit of space for a while but they do kind of expire?)

Thanks to that person, though, I finally got a good sense of what things look like from … a flare’s-eye-view, you might say.

This is the view from well down the beam, looking back towards the transmuter. Looks like that cross-shaped “flare” is just the pattern of the solar plasma flowing back up the beam after all.

Ah, well.

There’s a lot of discussion right now about what sorts of outward signs of the star’s … distress, if that’s the word … we might be seeing. Flickering’s a popular topic. If that’s particular to this star, or to “transmuted” stars generally, maybe that really is the main thing.

I’m not sure. There’s a lot I’m not sure about right now.

Well. A bit under 23 hours to go. I’m trying to decide whether to try to observe from close up, for the best view of what happens to the star even if I don’t survive, or whether to get out to the periphery and try to survive the trip, wherever it goes.

I’ve got a bit to decide, at least.


Beam POV

Well … it’s not a picture of good things happening, but …

… I’m kind of enchanted.

Here’s how it looks the other way, for context.


For further context, here’s how it looks at my camera drone’s maximum range.

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Hang on.

Let me get a better look at this. Near-star points that aren’t AT the transmuter have been hard to come by.


Is it just my imagination or is that plasma plume awfully intense?

Further edit (went in for a closer look):

Hm. Still not sure, but I do think the flow looks stronger (and thank you to Prospektor Schipplock for providing, if nothing else, some maybe-more-typical examples). It’d explain the cross-shaped “flare” visible from the transmuter. If the Triglavian transmuter normally gathers material in a ring and draws it up towards a harvesting array, this one might also have been gathering from the center. But the pattern suggests two harvesting fields intersecting, meeting at the center, which would be why the flow creates that cross-shaped flare. It’s not an ignition point, it’s a flow, but that … perhaps … doesn’t mean it’s harmless?

Could intersecting harvesting fields (or whatever kind of mechanisms) have had some kind of unforeseen interaction?

I’m speculating obviously, but it’s not like we have a wealth of research papers and press releases to page through.


EDENCOM Triglavian Theory - YouTube just sayin

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Imperial Prototype Stellar Transmuter

In a development that clearly takes advantage of the Amarr Empire’s control of a captured Triglavian “Dazh Porevitium Transmuter” in the Arshat system, the Amarr Empire has evidently combined pre-existing Amarr technology used for stellar energy and materials harvesting with the highly-advanced deep-interaction technology used by the Triglavian Collective. The resulting fusion of Amarr and Triglavian technology is difficult to evaluate but the Empire has taken the decision to deploy this untested capability in select star systems it occupies in the Minmatar Republic’s frontier territories.

No reason to disagree with this, really.

So, this is a whole thing. I should really have taken a closer look earlier (but didn’t have such a convenient wreck to pivot my camera around; thanks luckless PXCOM pilot!).

I’m just going to ask this right now: has this facility ever really been operational as, like, a factory for singularity reactors? Because let’s take a look.

Industrial vents: cough periodically.

Capacitor banks (that’s a guess): silent, dark.

Singularity reactor core formation pedestals (that’s not a guess; I’ve watched them being made, not only in Triglavian-held facilities but Arshat): dark, silent.

Reactor: exists, so, that’s good. Not clear how much energy is being drawn.

How about the beam?

Well, that doesn’t look too-- oops, no, wait, no, that’s Arshat. In operation no less, you can see the singularity core forming on the left there.

Here’s the beam at Turnur.

Ah. That’s a …

… yeah, that’s …

… that’s active all right.

I can very much understand not running a factory off of material from a star that’s about to go critical (whatever that means in this case), but WHAT is that beam doing? It’s definitely projecting to the stellar surface at what appears to be quite high power and receiving an awful lot of energy and material back.

So what is going on? The factory’s not in operation. The beam very much is. Is this, like, the only thing keeping the star from going critical right now?

Gods and spirits, pilots-- what happened here?


What makes you think it’s not still actively pushing the star over the edge?

As you ask yourself: was it ever used for creating singularity reactors? We know the Trigs make the things, then shunt them off someplace through micro-conduits. The Amarr don’t have conduit technology like that, so how would they even transport them?

Has anyone seen them making these things there, and if so… where do they go and how?



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Definitely doesn’t look happy.