Is Ohide approaching a liminal phase?

A check into Ohide 30 days after the first sighting of potential unrest discovers a disturbing find. The sun appears to be a state days before the Turnur incident

If it does, I pray that there is mercy for the innocent there who may be caught in such a scale of calamity.

I’m not seeing the disruption effects Turnur had before it blew up; “only” the regular harvester effect on the star. Here’s a comparison to Turnur 11/01 last year.


Looks pretty similar, although mine is over exposed slightly

Well, that’s interesting.

Okay. Confirming.

It’s not as … vigorous, as Turnur, and maybe never will be, but, yeah, that’s not alarming at all.

Gonna take a quick peek next door just to be sure that corona isn’t just … usual.

Yeah, no, not nearly as … hairy. Can someone go take a peek at a few blue stars just to make sure this isn’t some kind of regular thing?


A couple more shots, from near the transmuter itself.

And, a new shot from my observation perch. Thankfully I think my impression that the effect had brightened in the last few hours was just my imagination.

Very exciting. I somehow managed to sleep through the last stellar cataclysm in turnur and it’s wonderful to hear that I’ll have a second chance.

Here is what I took of Egamr last night.

Egmar appears stable so there is a confirmed notible change in Ohide

I believe astronomers refer to this as an “oh sh*t” level of coronal activity.

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Ave, pilots.

So-- no major changes this morning. I was going over my notes from Turnur though and I noticed a thing: the transmuter in that system had ceased function except for the beam, which was blazing.

Ohide is running at full. Conduits (maybe), capacitors (probably), pedestals (definitely, though we don’t really know what that means or if that’s what they’re called)-- all functioning at probably full capacity.

That is to say, all three pedestals are active, not just one or two.

This might just be what it looks like when harvesting’s scaled up to full power. We haven’t really seen that before outside of Pochven after all I don’t think, or the stars that got “woven” into it, and Pochven’s stars have had some very odd things done to them.

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Looks normal to me.

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