Possible star disruption in Ohide?

Travelling through Ohide last night a route I take almost daily. I noticed bright flashes from the star something I had not noticed before. Memories of the Turnur incident surfaced so I went to investigate.

It seemed the star in intervals similar to Turnur has started to pulse and appear unstable. The core of where the drill is aiming also appears to have changed since onlining of the transmuter. This occured in the weeks leading up to the Turnur incident with the pulse frequencies increasing in strength.

This was checked against other capsuleers visual opinion and it appears something has changed. Elonaya also appears to be destabalising with the other transmuter systems unconfirmed.

Coincedence? Red Herring? Not yet enough data available.

Could this be a tool for The Deathless to tighten its grip against the empires by chocking yet another major supply line? Were the Amarr really to blame for Turnur or was something more sinister at work.



We can take off the tin foil hats now.

Remain calm.

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I am probably forever traumatized by the Invasions, lol. I was like Ohide? Why does Ohide even have a transmuter? It’s not ON THE LIST.

Then I remembered it’s one of the newfangled ones.


Doubt its gonna be another Turnur, setting aside that these second gen transmuters are supposed to be safe, we did see that the Republic was able to shut the Prototypes they held down before something bad happened.

I would assume that the Empires would also turn theirs off the moment they saw something going wrong, especially with the transmuters in their home turf.

That or CCP is gonna blow another four systems up for Havoc and its totally all gonna be the deathless behind it all since he is the New Thing with the impenetrable plot armor.


I wonder if CCP is preventing the ability of an incursion to possibly bisect highsec, even if only for a limited time, by triggering some in-lore crisis in Ohide that makes the Amarr Empire rapidly bring a bypass route online.

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Incursions in HS don’t have any NPC’s gate camping like in LS/NS (where the NPCs on gate are replaced by Sansha)

We actually had some spawns in the HS pipe. It’s passing was uneventful.

I meant the the pirate insurrections coming with Havoc (blame CCP for repeated game mechanics starting with in- and ending with -ion).

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Yes they can. Amarr and Minmatar space can be cut off from Jita

Imagine Jita falling to Pochven. :rofl:


Well, also yesterday I was travelling somewhere between Ohide and Renyn and for some seconds a stargate was displaying the same special effects as Zarzakh’s stargates have

It didn’t seem like a glitch it was the same special effects when the gates decloak, what this could be? Is it a Sleeper thing? It don’t think it was side effects of any boosters I took and I was very high on boosters.

Amarr space can by either blocking the Devoid pipe or by blocking the Derelik border in Heimatar. Minmatar space can not be blocked off due to the Irgrus-Pakshi link.

Considering that the fall of Niarja has had a severe negative effect on trade in Amarr, a proper diconnect from the rest of highsec - even if only temporary - could prove disastrous.

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EVE is a huge social experiment. We have proven just like in RL that we (humans) like to congregate together in small areas (trade hubs) for ease of access to things like supplies, missions, ore, and more.

If anything is cut off people will adapt and change. They will probably move to where their situation best suits them. Would the economy collapse? Maybe. But that is the fun of the social experiment.

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