Share your Turnur relief and Egmar and Vard evacuation efforts here

Greetings to all,

A disaster has happened in Turnur and the tragedy still continues. It seems likely that the same is going to happen to the systems of Egmar and Vard. The most important thing right now is to not make the mistake that what happend in Turnur is indicative of what is going to happen in Egmar and Vard. What happend in Turnur was a major stellar event that was caused by the transmuter. It should not be assumed that this is the exact major stellar event that will be caused by all transmuters. I fear that the next one could be much, much worse. As such the relocation as far away from the stars and evacuation out of these systems should be a top priority. In addition to the above, Turnur is in need of aid to deal with the aftermath.

I am certain that there are a lot of initiatives taking place to provide relief to Turnur and help relocate and evacuate Egmar and Vard. I invite everyone to share their initiatives here, in this topic. That way there is a single location where others can see what is being done, what each initiative needs and how others can contribute.




I will start, on behalf of ARC:

ARC is going to organise an evacuation fleet for the systems of Egmar and Vard. This fleet will take place on Sunday the 6th between 13:00 and 19:00 NEST. The fleet will start forming in the system of Ammold at 12:30 NEST. ARC is asking for the support of any and all pilots who wish to assist with the evacuation efforts. For the evacuation fleet ARC is looking for Blockade Runner class transport ships, Black Ops battleships and tech 3 cruisers with a covert configuration and pilots who are able to use a Covert Cynosural Field Generator. All ships should be fitted for maximum cargo capacity.

In addition to the above, this ARC fleet is available to deliver relief goods and people responding to the tragedy in Turner. The fleet can transport these goods and people from Ammold to Turner, so if you wish to make use of this offer, make sure the goods and/or people are in the system of Ammold.


(ARC Fleet Commander)


I organized a small evacuation effort in Turnur as well - nothing near as large as what ARC did, but it was as much as I could muster at the time. Evacuations consisted of myself and an associate, along with a number of baseliner flown transports that I hired to help evac. We moved people out of system two jumps over to Ardar, where they would be safe for the time being in Minmatar controlled space. After a temporary stay here, they were ferried out further to Electus Matari’s humanitarian base in Ammold, to On The Way Home.

I am prepared and willing to do the same for Vard and Egmar, though I pray this same event does not happen elsewhere. I am surprised that the Republic Fleet did not immediately shut off the Vard and Egmar harvesters after the events of Turnur. My only guess is that perhaps the Republic is on the verge of understanding something about this technology, which is also very important. I do not like the idea that these harvesters are still online but I also recognize the serious need to understand this technology ourselves, given the threat we face from Amarr being the sole controller of what may be a new superweapon.

I think, aside from evacuation efforts, that those in militia can help avoid any further disasters by assisting the Republic in their research. If those transmuters are still online, it’s because the Republic isn’t done with whatever they need to do. The sooner they finish, the sooner these things can be shut down for good, and hopefully that will be before any further catastrophes occur.


Or because there isn’t a safe way to turn them off, which is a possibility we have to be ready to face.


The United Neopian Federation, in conjunction with the Eugales Development Authority, House Brezia, Wolf Brothers INC, and the Brezia Companion Services conducted a multi-day evacuation operation from the time of announced distress, up to the final hours prior to the stellar event in Turnur, insofar as runs go, none were intercepted by outlaw or militia organizations despite largely consisting of ‘tech 1’ haulers, dropship converted bomber and covert ops vessels, and passenger converted industrial command ships.

The flights may not have been exactly comfortable, but all made it safely to destinations in Avenod and Audaerne, before evacuees were given medical checks, and offered flights to destinations of their choosing through more traditionally chartered Interbus transports with costs covered in full by House Brezia and the Companion Services.

Several dozens of flights were made by multiple capsuleers each… Up time was variable, but largely consistent across the days leading up to the stellar eruption.


Tried to bring this up to my alliance though a sudden war has started so I will send any help i can

In the follow of the Huge Lost of Live and Ships in Turnur the newly founded Minmatar Krisenanstallt für Wiederaufbau (MKFW) will povide every Minmatar and Gallente Capsuleer who lost a Ship in Turnur a free empty Probe. (Just as Long funds will not excedet.)

What to do to get a new empty Probe (T1) for Free? Just send in a Request per Mail with the Kill Info (Killmail) of your ship. The Probes will be Contracted in the Regions Metropolis or Heimatar. (In Moment you could contact just me)

Amarr and Caldari don’t get a Probe because:

  1. They initated the Accident
  2. They have used a Star in Minmatar belonging Starsystem.
  3. They don’t Respect the Freedom and Equality of all People.

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