Should we be talking about this?

I feel like stuff gets buried in the RP sections sometimes. Are we gonna lose gates for a few days again?

Multikey, Yes but in close range of Turnur. But if its really bad we could lose a system because of this.

Relevant: EVE Online | The Scope - Catastrophe in Turnur imminent - YouTube


But what is the point of killing a sys? Is it on a pipeline?

Don’t know never been there it just might be a way of saying were never giving this tech to the player base.



CCP never does anything without a reason, no matter how misguided.

It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere, not connected to anything special nor with any current significance. It couldn’t have been a more sleepy system if they tried so we can safely assume that’s the point.


Zooming out the map it seems conveniently in the middle of all the 4 empires while, as said, being insignificant. Wouldn’t be surprised if the system itself has no importance other than “it started there”, personally I have this slimmer of hope for something I’ve wanted for years.

Dividing all 4 empires onto their own high sec islands with low sec bands in between. It could be the starting point of a rift that “breaks up” space in that regard but that’s really just wishful thinking and brain farting.

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Let me rephrase my question then. What does CCP want to accomplish with this?

The why did ccp take away the only moon ore compressor in the game And they might think if players have this which is shows this happens is that is mess with the gate system and or destroy systems not something the devs would want to deal with And some players would go over kill and make A bunch of isk off of it which could flip the value of isk if those goods from the transmitters can be used to make ships. so all and all not a fun thing for players to have.

A better expiation than the last guy.^ :laughing:

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Just hopes and dreams, not based on any facts or understanding.

Ahhh… Don’t we all.

Whatever happens, I hope Wednesday is going to be an interesting day. Remember there are more of these Stellar Transmuters that the Amarr have put up throughout traditionally Minmatar Space. Turnur is just the first to reach this point.

aka gates go explody

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I’ve noticed this too, but i think it’ll be more to do with Edencom vs Triglavian content rather than empire content. Maybe a way for an edencom/empires and trig FW? Maybe a dedicated static connection to Pochven?

This also could just be an in-character way to explain any potential upcoming changes to trig tech legality.

lets be honest… we all know we want to strap 8 tiny turret disco orbs on a Abaddon…

my opinion is that maybe we will see REVERSED engineered Trig/Edencom tech usable by empire ships. (which will lead to more usable/broad weapon systems overall… (like Amarr ships mostly be strictly EM/therm damage only except for a few drone/missile ships)

(my thinking is caldari will get edencom LIKE weapons first and Amarr get Trig LIKE weapons because they won faction events first)

which will be the start of the new Galaxy Wide Empire wars! With Minmatar getting trig tech soon after to counter Amarr and gallente being the last because they were to busy drinking quafe, playing with hookers, and snuffing moongoo to even put up a fight soo they get nothing but a participation trophy!! (made out of rust because the minmatar felt bad for them)

Ultimately the story will end with a climatic story about the empress leading the galaxy to a better future!

It will be of little consquence and soon forgotten along with so many other mysterious CCP ideas.

I would prefer the gates to pochven get reactivated, and remove the filaments to get to/from pochven, to get rid of the safe hauling pochven highway.

Niarja can then return as being camped – but with bubbles this time – along the shortest route between Jita and Amarr.

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Me who has wanted a pirate faction to be a mix of Amarr and trig tech

Now that would be nice. I would be happy with a complete trig line. Trig strategic cruisers, trig BLOPs, the whole thing.

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