New Eden systems security rating

CCP should rid New Eden of the systems security rating. It only causes confusion ( is that what CCP hoped to accomplish with the systems sec rating? Confuse its players? ) and serves no purpose whatsoever since ALL systems can be ganking fields and players can attack other players anywhere in EVE so why the security rating??
Seriously, can anyone tell me why New Eden has a security rating for each system while at the same time not being a security rating?
Thank you.

PS: This thread is NOT about ganking.


The security rating is so if you don’t want to become a criminal, you have a safety system to prevent you from becoming a criminal. in 0.5 to 1.0 space, you have CONCORD who punishes those who choose to commit a crime by destroying their ship.

for crimes against the empire, FACTION police between system 0.1 and 1.0 will hunt you down.

The difference between the two, you can evade Fac Po, but not CONCORD.

The lower the security System, the less “safety” is needed if you choose to attack another player.

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the security rating system has been rendered all but meaningless in the latest moves to make things more “dynamic” throughout EVE. Not only has the DBS/ESS/bounty multiplier made a joke of the security rating valules. the announced plans to add upgrades to Ihubs to modify ratting and industry are another move away from the security rating meaning anything in terms of system value and function. the spreading of minerals to make us more nomadic is just another indicator that security is really only a space designation with no real value. and then there is trig space. ganking, bubbles, etc that used to be more sec based have also been adjusted by changes to nullification. So yah, perhaps it is time to just get rid of systems security values. they dont really mean much anymore


I don’t know, if someone doesn’t want to be a criminal I’m sure he’s figured out how not to be one without the sec rating.

Yes, CONCORD should be eliminated as well. They serve no other purpose but Destruction. They are useless to the players but useful to CCP who thrives on Destruction and Scarcity.

Yeah but you started your post with:

so why do you now give an explanation based on criminal activities that, according to you, regarding sec rating, is for someone who doesn’t want to become a criminal?

You can evade CONCORD until your goal of destroying a player’s ship is accomplished so really, CONCORD is useless as I said.

Right. So if someone chooses to attack another player then they’re not trying to NOT

Thank you for your reply. It’s very appreciated.
But you haven’t convinced me that security rating doesn’t need to go the way of the Dodo.


evading concord is a exploit. They WILL destroy your ship.

As i said FAC PO is crimes against the empire, meaning you have negative status with one of the 4 empires. Like me, i’ll be chased by fac po for entering Gallente Space. But concord won’t touch me, because I haven’t committed a crime against another player.

The system security ratings in Highsec absolutely matter as they tell you how fast CONCORD will respond to an attack or how fast the faction police will chase you around.


Thanks for the information-laddened post. I didn’t even know about all those changes that made sec rating even more obsolete.


I don’t need to know how fast CONCORD will respond since my ship will be destroyed before they show up.
I understand it’s useful for the attacker but not for the attacked party.


I know how the whole thing works, that’s why I say Security Rating for systems is obsolete.

Ganking becomes increasingly viable the lower the security rating. It is for example pretty hard to gank someone in 0.8-1.0 system. Most ganking takes place in 0.5-0.7.

The trick is not to get into a situation where you get ganked and for that the security rating is very helpful to anyone doing business in Highsec.


Security rating effects include, but are not limited to:
Ore availability
Content availability (i.e. FW, how many incursion foci, what type of sigs and anomalies can spawn)
The likelihood of high quality rat spawns.
What type of modules and ships can be used (i.e. warp interdiction bubbles, capital ships, bombs)
If there can be space whether
Whether players can claim ownership (sovereignty) of a system.
What type of NPC “security” is present (i.e. concord, gate guns, or nothing).
How much time gankers have before concord shows up, which, in turn, will affect how easy it is to gank you, whether or not it will be profitable to gank you and by how much, and where gankers like to operate.

I’m reminded of Innominates CSM 16 campaign thread where he talks about Chesterton’s Fence. You might want to check that out.


I cannot remember if CCP removed the sec level’s impact on mission agent payouts, but knowing CCP…

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Oh yeah, about that. I’ve heard people claim that sec status still affect payouts, but I remember hearing somewhere that someone said that that is no longer the case. So, don’t know. Haven’t tested.

it’s minimal, but it does still affect it

Security rating helpful? When? Maybe it’s helpful to you and it is helpful to me as attackers but as the attacked party, sec rating is more than useless, it’s a confusion for new players and doesn’t even add to the immersion.

Thank your reply, it’s appreciated but you haven’t convinced me that Security Rating for systems doesn’t need to go.


Yes, all that is determined by sec rating but that’s not what this thread is about.
This thread isn’t about What Sec Rating Affects, this thread is about why have it in the first place since it doesn’t serve any purpose to the player.

Thank you for your reply, it explains why CCP needs the sec rating in their game but that wasn’t the topic. The topic was Security Rating regarding us players, not them at CCP.

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Cause and effect.

The effects of what it does, is why it’s there.

If a newbro wants to not have their ship destroyed by concord for attacking a baiter, they can easily do that in low sec or null sec… in high sec, they have the safety system to prevent that from happening, unless they choose to turn it off.

They don’t need a security rating on systems to do that.

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do you accept duels?
sec rating apear to be working for you

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I don’t blame you. Those ganking threads are all messed up and then get locked eventually.

Security Rating? I pay no attention to the security rating. Every system I jump into I treat it like Null. I see the whole of New Eden as NullSec. It helps me a lot.