Nullsec security status question

What’s the meaning of the different negative security statuses of nullsec systems? Is a system generally less safe the farther it is below zero?

Well PVP is “enabled”? in any system below 0.5. Meaning anything under 0.5 concord will not respond. I think the ticks below 0 is for mechanics reasons. Some NPC’s are not found in 0.4 vs a 0.1 and so on.

Bottom Line is anything under 0.5 expect for gate camps. bubbles, so on and so forth. Anything above 0.5 expect you know gankers and so on.

Hope it helps.

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Could you not just use tags?

Buy some and hand then into concord at a concord station somewhere in lowsec.

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What I’m asking is what’s the difference between -0.1 and -0.5?

0.4 of course


Lol, but mechanics wise.

Two replies, none actually read the question.

It doesn’t change anything in regards to mechanics, it mostly affects average npc difficulty and resources like asteroids, pi and such things.

But for “normal use” it’s all the same.



I replied to the wrong thread. I was responding to somebody asking about resetting himself back to 0.0 from -6 standings. He wants to come back to highsec.


PvP is “enabled” anywhere in the game as soon as we undock.
I don’t pay much attention to system security rating but only for certain things that would get me destroyed by CONCORD, like using HiSec-forbidden modules and also certain ships cannot be used in Hisec. Besides that, security rating for systems isn’t, to me, something I pay attention to.
Personally I’d rather CCP get rid of the systems sec rating but I don’t make the rules and neither does CCP care what my opinions may be and I’m fine with that. I’m only a lowly New Eden resident without delusions of grandeur.

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Quality (value) of rats depends on “truesec” afaik. Maybe other resources, but I’m not an expert here.

Safety does know only three principle areas (with some special rules in Pochven, WH, Thera). Highsec, lowsec, nullsec/wormhole. If you don’t count in NPCs as a threat (which you should sometimes).


If it is 0.0 it is normal nul with easy PVE.
If ti is -0.5 it is normal nul with slightly harder PVE.
And so on.

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That makes sense, so the farther away the security status is from 0.0, the harder PVE becomes.

That is subjective, as it does have an impact on whether Sanctums and Havens spawn and how often which is subjectively more difficult PVE. It is more likely that you will get better drops and a greater probability of the high level spawns. You should look at NPC nullsec to understand it better, because in sov space it is distorted by the application of Sov modules that improve the spawn rates.

The further a system is from an empire capital, the lower it’s security status. That starts at 1.0 and ends at -1.0 (haven’t found that one tho).
It used to mean a bit when all transport required gates. Lower security meant not only empires had trouble reaching the region. So the rewards for those systems (PvE) are bigger.
With the rise of cynojumping and POS/Titan bridges range became less important.

In short; system sec rating now only really matters for the distinction between high-low and null. As a byproduct new areas are given a rting as well (Pochven, WH etc) to let you know what mechanics are in play.


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and also

system region
D4R-H7 Branch
QYZM-W Branch
Y-1918 Branch
8-VC6H Cache
K85Y-6 Cache
4-07MU Catch
1M7-RK Cobalt Edge
B-U299 Cobalt Edge
HB-5L3 Cobalt Edge
M-VACR Cobalt Edge
UJY-HE Deklein
3-DMQT Delve
C-PEWN Esoteria
D4-2XN Feythabolis
PXF-RF Fountain
Y-2ANO Fountain
9P4O-F Geminate
V-IH6B Great Wildlands
7L9-ZC Omist
P-T9VC Outer Passage
G-M4GK Paragon Soul
ZDYA-G Paragon Soul
MVUO-F Period Basis
MTO2-2 Perrigen Falls
VWES-Y Perrigen Falls
B-7DFU Querious
2-3Q2G Tenal
3-QYVE Tenal
OE-4HB Tenal
JV1V-O Tenerifis
1S-SU1 The Kalevala Expanse
S-LHPJ The Kalevala Expanse
M-NP5O The Spire
OSW-0P The Spire
ZWM-BB The Spire
WLF-D3 Venal

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