• A) -0.5
  • B) 0.0

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Well…in a way Jita is less “secure”, being a hive of scum and villany - and that’s just in the station.

The answer you seek is easily found and it will arm you with knowledge to find it.

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Mathematically is -0.5 less than 0.0.

All systems below 0.0 are more or less equal to 0.0 in security.

The security status of systems is actually a floating point number with many digits. So does a system with a status of 0.4497157 count as low-sec, while 0.45007355 counts as high-sec. This is due to the rounding to the first digit after the decimal point (0.4497157 gets rounded down to 0.4 and 0.45007355 gets rounded up to 0.5).

The security status of systems with a value below 0.0 were previously always only shown as 0.0.

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From a security perspective, they are equal.

There are no game mechanics different for a -0.5 system compared to a 0.0 system.

From a PVE reward perspective, the -0.5 system will be better than the 0.0 system, it that’s nothing to do with security.

Harder npc rats makes the system less secure because it effectively makes the system more dangerous.

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The difference in ratting comes from the type of space rather than the security level. Different null-sec systems have different rats, giving different rewards.

All null-sec systems then offer about the same types of ores and moons, and you only find restrictions the higher in sec. status you go. I.e.:


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Mechanically it’s just the same in a 0.0 system as it is in a -0.5 system, yes.

Reward, depends on what you mine or kill. There will theoretically be more reward available in -0.5 but that’s nothing to do with whether one is more secure than another.

As an example:

LNVW-K, sec status: -0.5
1M4-FK, sec status: -0.0

Both systems are in Querious, both are ice mining systems and they are 6 jumps apart.

Whether you are in one or the other, the security is just the same, the mechanics are just the same. You can shoot a rock or block of ice just the same, shoot rats just the same, engage other players just the same. No difference.

There is likely a slightly richer mix of ores, but that is nothing to do with how secure the system is.

Because they’re effectively the same. One might argue that bots and renter trash are ratting a lot more in -0.5 than they are in 0.0 systems and thanks to the absolute reliability of local intel, they’re pretty much uncatchable unless they’re morons.
And that’s why, even if -0.5 and 0.0 are pretty much the same, 0.0 is less secure than -0.5.

Remove local and one might argue it to be the other way around.


The types of ore and anomalies that spawn, as well as the chance of officer spawns, is determined by true sec. The lower the value, the better ore and anomalies you can find. E.g. I believe that Mercoxit can only be found in -0.8 and below (someone correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t mined in at least a decade).

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