What sec level will keep you from highsec?

i know if i get a low security status i wont be allowed into highsec. but how low exactly?

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You can get into high sec with a -10 or above.

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  • Security status of -2.0 or below means you’ll be attacked in 1.0 systems.
  • Security status of -2.5 or below means you’ll be attacked in 0.9 systems.
  • Security status of -3.0 or below means you’ll be attacked in 0.8 systems.
  • Security status of -3.5 or below means you’ll be attacked in 0.7 systems.
  • Security status of -4.0 or below means you’ll be attacked in 0.6 systems.
  • Security status of -4.5 or below means you’ll be attacked in 0.5 systems.

However, nothing stops you from entering the affected space. Faction Police will just chase you if you go there.



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Yeah, I tend to believe this game is geared for people who fantasize about beeing criminals but won’t in rl. That is why suicide ganking is so easy and not really penalized. But that is another topic… (deliberately pocking gankers in the ribs here)

Maybe the restriction you are referfing to is about bad standing toward a state/empire. Like if you lowered your standing toward an empire by fighting against them in Factional Warfare. Even if you retire from the militia, I would believe you can get into trouble with those empire if you try to enter into their high-sec systems, if your standing with them is too low. Here is what I found:

At -5.00 faction standing navy vessels will chase you down in high security space that belongs to that faction


“Guaranteed loss of your ship” = “not really penalized”
interesting logic…


The crime scene is wide open and lootable, the criminals can dock in any NPC stations and wait for his criminal timer to go off, among other things. But like I said, another topic.

… and you can buy back security status at any concord station with the help of clone soldier tags. Bad faction standing repair is much more difficult.

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Very time consuming as I’m finding out…

@ the OP, I love the name! The Brit’s really know how to horrify their government! :crazy_face:
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Went fishing, catched a fish :wink:

we can help you with that, with the USIA… Though its going to be a bit more time consuming since the glamourex boosters are expired. or near it… reach out to our discord.unitedstandings.org and see what we can do before the boosters expire to help.

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Yes. Make stupid argument, get called an idiot.

Lol! Triggered hard! It was way too easy :slight_smile:
Glad you are mad.

Just because I see an idiot doing stupid things, doesn’t mean I’m mad.

But you flagged my message, so I guess we know who got his feelings hurt here.

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I didn’t flagged your message. But it could be that someone saw you seems to only be able to use insult as argument to defend your point.
By the way, what I said is not all black or all white. I made fun of it from the start, read my first post again. Wanted to poke in the rib, it succeeded with you. Now, just for a reading perspective “geared for people” doesn’t mean that only or all people of such and such. But again, it was to make fun.

I have another statement that would make you explode, but like I said in my first post, this is not the topic. Sorry if you persist here, but I’d be glad to trigger you again in the proper thread.

And yet, this is what seems to be happening.

It wasnt an insult, it was a logical extension of your argument. Which is why your argument was stupid to begin with.

Again, just because i respond, doesnt mean i exploded.

The fact that you seem to want to reiterate that point, only demonstrates that yeah, it was you who flagged it.

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That’s the cost of doing business… and that price is negligible compared to the reward they seek.

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Gankers crying over losing their gank ships is like miners crying because their crystals wear out.

Or something equivalent. I don’t actually know if they do wear out.

Come to think of it, I’m not even sure mining crystals are a thing. Maybe change this to losing a gank ship is the same as spending ammo. You buy it to throw it away.

Yeah. That’s a better analogy.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Thank you for your kind offer. I had to think about till now to decide. My toon’s are all positive. I’m having fun just playing around with ships that ppl say got F’ed just to prove them right/wrong for my own playstyle. But in the end, after this sub runs out, my sec lvl wont matter much as an alpha.

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