What is the point of having a high security status?

What if you got passive income if you had a high security status? But it would slowly go toward 0. And people with negative security status would also slowly go toward 0. Sec status would still be impacted the way it usually does. It just makes it a bit more dynamic and also rewarding for people who have a sec status. Caus as far as i can see there is no point to having a high sec status atm

this could probably be part of a bigger security status overhaul

Sec status is more for hisec. Higher sec status fac police wont bother you. Lower sec status means you are a criminal. Faction police will actively hunt you

So with a high security status it doesent matter if you have negative faction standings?

Thats different. That would be faction navy that hunts you for negative faction standings.

Which facpo and facnav can be avoided and you can attack or destroy them

CONCORD however, you cannot avoid or attack them.

This idea as is…is really really really stupid and not well thought out…

we do not need passive income streams…put some effort in and stop being lazy.

the trickle down/up of sec status is stupid…I have seen characters older than me with up to 6 point something…which tells me they did certain things in the game that i dont think exist anymore to get that high. And you would belittle their accomplishments…shame on you.

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Sec status used to go to 10 or -10. But you could also do missions for CONCORD Assembly.

I wouldnt mind a high sec status slightly influencing how many LP points i can earn, papa could always use a new pair of shoes

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High security status means you get big reps in your Marshal, Enforcer or Pacifier.

Other than that, it means very little to a null sec resident like myself.


If this were to happen you couldn’t use sec status as the intel tool it currently is. While far from conclusive, that sec status only changes based on a capsuleer’s direct actions is what makes it as useful a gauge of whether a capsuleer will unlawfully aggress you in empire space as it currently is. It would still retain some use, but it would not be as useful. Plus I’m not convinced you need paid for high sec status since you get paid bounties most likely when you sec status increases. Your high sec status is meaningful. It’s just that it is meaningful to people other than yourself trying to suss you out.

What makes you think ratting should pay out more than it currently does?

Do you know anyone who will hate getting more pay?

If this were to happen you couldn’t use sec status as the intel tool it currently is.

I think it will become a better intel tool. For example under the suggested mechanics a -10 means someone who actively pirates and should be considered more dangerous than someone who is -10 under the current mechanics. Why? Because it doesent stay at -10 unless you actively pirate under the suggested mechanics

Having -10 also becomes more badass since it requires slightly more work to maintain and it will likely become a bit rarer. Likewise a 5.0 could become more rare since it requires slightly more work to maintain. And in regards to intel you can argue when you see a 5.0 under the suggested new mechanics he is more likely to be an active “carebear” than one who is 5.0 under the current mechanics.

About the passive income, it doesent have to be much. Just enough to cover ammo. Just a thought; You can have it go up the longer you kept a 5.0 security status. For example every month it stayed at 5.0 the pay would go up a notch. Thats another reason on top of the pile of reasons for people to login maybe. If not for the money, then for having the longest streak. Epeen stuff …

Well, you do you, but my sec status would definitely not have been an accurate indicator of my threat level under this system. I don’t personally care to see on a person’s character sheet how much ratting they do or how active they are. I only care if they aggress often enough when they play that their sec status is low.


Just a heads up, every idea will have a nay sayer, so just because there is a nay sayer is not a reason not to explore, refine and potentially implement it

Outside of flying CONCORD ships, there is no benefit to having a high sec status.

steps to maintain a -10 sec status under your proposal (or to get a -10 sec status quickly under current mechanics should you so desire)
step 1: be in Jita,
step 2: fit a Burst Jammer onto the cheapest frigate on the market that you can fly
step 3: undock
step 4: let rip with the burst jammer
step 5: get gloriously asploded by CONCORD and the myriad station campers in Jita

voila, you have just lost a ton of sec status.

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If thats what people want to do to maintain a -10 sec status i dont mind. Its content. Doubt many ppl will do it tho. And its not like you can pretend forever you are a badass pirate because your burst jammer in jita strategy will show up on the kill boards eventually :slight_smile: So who cares :slight_smile:

Long story short if every idea had to account for the sort of edge cases you bring up the game would stagnate because pretty much every idea has an edge case and frankly you bringing it up is borderline nitpicking. But i guess thats the one of the few ways that is left to enjoy EVE :slight_smile: Go on forums and nitpick ideas. Im out!

positive sec status boosts active tank on Pacifier, Enforcer, Marshal

You have a long and storied history of dumb ideas, its amazing that you still bother


Yours has a crowd.

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Most of the ideas presented in this forum have the potential to be either easily abused or trivially worked around.

I’ll argue that pointing out these glaring shortcomings isn’t “nitpicking”, it’s simply showing why an idea is bad.

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How is going to jita and activating a burst jammer to achive -10 security status for the luls a glaring shortcoming and not nitpicking? You are overestimating your own intelligence

@Sienna_Massilia Not sure i agree with that but crowds have been wrong before