When will they get it

When they pay the full $20 for a subscription.

Freakin’ Angels and their alpha accounts…


They haven’t trained the skills yet.

I would like first to get the imicus, heron, burst, scalpel, thorax, kestrel redesigns they already showed and worked on.


I’m with you on the imicus and burst redesign… but the heron, thorax and kestrel are decent looking ships.

Heron is pretty simple and too rough, lacking finesse for a ship these days, design got old and its seen especially when you compare it with redesign they showed. Kestrel the same.
And thorax, it would be decent if they would leave only one side and make it symmetrical, mirroring the side without the stuff under wing, maybe with some additional smaller piece on the bottom of one side for added asymmetry as its better technically to have symmetrical ships because of better texture quality, practically doubling the resolution, making more details in the texture, upgrading it.


Great minds discuss concepts and content, small minds discuss ship models. The way the game looks should have been setttled 15 years ago and emphasis on optimization, balance and new content should be the main focus. And no, adding a few more polygons to a ship or rearranging them and maybe adding new shaders is not content.

This is content:

Take care

But i like prettier ships. And not only me…

More prettier ships please. Especially when they were already showed.

Also, there are people who do that specifically, not doing the balancing, but art as a trade they sell to CCP.

Or maybe they were all fired? :scream:

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For some reason graphics designers and so on are the last ones to get fired. CEO’s like to keep them around and make a game look fancy and pretty or just different every other year thats what 90% of game companies spend their money on. But players dont give a fk tho. As evidenced by minecraft which is probably one the ugliest games? but one of the most popular and successful ones of all time.

This game had almost $1B revenue last year. Its shitting on the people who think graphics are important.

Some players don’t, but dont go make that a generality.
Games like Assassin’s Creed and Red Dead Redemption wouldn’t have been such hits without the awesome graphics.
Some games can get away with having pixelated blocks, like Space Engineers, but others can’t.

I didn’t receive any excrement on me and I do think that a game needs to have excellent graphics. Not to only be able to rake in the dough ( which is all Minacraft has going for it ) but to be able to tell a story and draw the player into it.
Of course, if money is the only thing that interests you ( like so many other shallow shells of human beings ) then yes, Minecraft is the best game in the list every year but fortunately, not everyone is into greed and many people who care about Art want their games to have good graphics.
A game shouldn’t only be about profits, it should also be artistic.

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Roblox is for kids. Sorry, but kids would play anything, its in the DNA.

I’m not a fan of the heron and kestrel concepts I saw. What exactly do you mean by “rough?” Are you speaking of the geometry of the ship hull? or the fact that it doesn’t have little spiny things and a separate warp animation.

I entirely disagree about the ships needing to be symmetrical. The asymmetry is one of the things that’s unique about EVE design, and I don’t think CCP should lose that design language.

For this reason, I was fairly sad when CCP redesigned the condor. Some asymmetrical ships certainly looked ugly, but those that actually looked good, there’s really no need to redesign them.

The heron “wings” are graphically unsophisticated, simple plainness, dont want to say bad things about the person who created it, but simply was having not enough time or selfcriticism, so its boring. While the redesign ones have sharp looks, the shapes show crystallized technical effort, balance of details, more complexity of form, and thats at least that for a first glance. They also look sleeker and not so rude in their plainness, makes ship look faster. My opinion is subjective, like all art impressions are subjective, but clearly better in my eyes.

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Do you have a link to the concept you’re referring to? Perhaps you’ve seen something else that I didn’t.

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Yeah, that heron concept is what I saw before. I’m not a fan. I hate how spread apart the vertical blades are.

The kestrel concept is something I’ve not seen before though, and it looks fine.

While we’re at it, how about a triglavian marauder?

Funny, for me in current model they are now too close, and I like the redesign more, giving it more tie-fighter touch. :thinking:

But on new model they were supposed to be moving apparently.

There really could be balance? Here is some new content and a new ship. Or not even a new ship, but reworked art/design. Perhaps they are tied together. They did that with the Edencom/Trig ships, sort of. Personally I felt that story was a bit all over the place, but the ships are cool.

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