ORE Titan

A new ship in the Titan class that serves industrial purposes. Mainly what it does is it warps into an asteroid belt and then eats it up because its so much bigger. Literally eats the asteroids essentially cutting out the middle man, the mining laser. It just eats the asteroids.
The module it uses to do this has a range of 1km and essentially has an infinite mining yield and maybe takes only 6 minutes to cycle. No more lasers. It will save alot of time for someone using a ship like that imo.


I know i know, that is a stupid idea, mining is supposed to be like it always has been. And industrial titans are a no no because Titans are only meant for PVP because thats how it always has been. And making mining easier will break the game because reasons. I know! But i still think its a cool idea and wanted to share it even tho i am probably not the first one to come up with an industrial titan, have a nice day.

USG Ishimura planet cracker (Dead space 1 (Mildly related))


If it has a large cycle time and costs alot of cap you cant really use it on small asteroids by starting and stopping it since you will run out of cap, so there is a kind of balance there

These have a very valuable tactical application. Park one of these boys in nullsec and your other fleets will never have to worry about hotdrops again

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How about not. Rorquals are already more than enough.


How so?

I’d love to see more unique titans. I feel like an ORE Titan inspired by the USG Ishimura could function similarly as a standard Athanor with a moon drill. Maybe with a cycle time of around 30 minutes or so, something ridiculous so it doesn’t seem too over powered. But yeah, this is actually a great idea, especially because the Rorqual is basically just a glorified Orca that can fit a clone bay.

The Rorq was a problem , so it was nerfed. If an Ore Titan was made, it would be utility only, it wouldn’t do any mining of it’s own.

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Maybe it could boost the mining abilities of fleeted ships in the entire system not just the same grid but would be a sitting duck while doing so and require considerable time to turn off the boosting ability and be able to move, jump or warp again and couldn’t sit next to a station or structure either like within thousands of kms or something? :thinking:

Rorquals in itself were not the issue. Their mining yield was appropriate for the size of the ship. The problem with them was that they were not limited to 1 Rorqual per resource grid and thus were infinitely scalable. Had CCP limited them to 1 ship per grid and tied all the bonuses to the active Industrial Core (essentially made this ship useless outside of Indu Core), it would have been a fine mining platform and forced the bulk of the mining to come from barges and exhumers, as it was always intended to be.

But CCP had to push the SP trade market, so they never went with the sensible approach and instead went the game destroying way.


A single Hulk with max skills, max Rorqual boosts, and ORE miners will mine 96.7m3/s. So you’d have to be targeting an asteroid with 35k m3 left in it just to match a single Hulk. Even in a colossal the rocks are only around 200k m3. So your mega super miner is only really worth about 5.7 hulks. At a Titan price tag I unironically don’t see much use for that. Titans cost like 160 billion, so you could buy 6 hulks for 4 billion isk and plex those 6 accounts for like 15b tops if you’re doing one month at a time. For the price of that titan you could run those accounts for like a year. What’s the chances of you dying in that thing in a year? Hulk spam is probably still going to be the meta. I am unironically surprised that you came out with this horrid idea and somehow failed to make it be actually good.

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you are an idiot…how do you limit 1 player ship of any kind to a grid?

CCP could make it be a mobile moon mining operation, but obviously it would have to have some balance tossed into the mix. You’d have to make it so athanors weren’t useless, but also have the moon mining titan be worthwhile.

You can already limit the activation of modules according to the environment. For instance, PANIC can only be activated if you have an asteroid or ice roid locked. The same can be done with the Indu core. You simply disallow the activation if the ship has no ore or ice roid activated and within 1000 km of an active Indu Core, you cannot activate another Core. With this, you have limited the Rorqual to 1 active ship per resource grid as all the bonuses (mining yield, shield boosting, resistance, PANIC activation, drone damage, fleet boosting, remote repair bonuses, etc.) of the ship only take effect when the Indu Core is active. Without the core, the ship cannot repair itself better than a Medium Shield booster, it cannot panic, it cannot mine more than civilian mining laser Rookie Ship, it cannot remote repair better than a Kirin. It’s very simple.

Additionally, with this change you could have introduced truly massive resource fields that stretch thousands of kilometers so that several Rorquals can mine on one grid, but not in immediate vicinity to each other so that assistance between Rorquals is nigh impossible to achieve and things like chain-Panic-ing require masterful coordination.

More clever people than you have thought this through already way in the past. :wink:

What was the problem with Rorqual? Was it because they looked at a chart and saw it was responsible for 50% of all ore being mined? Or that total ore mining spiked 100% after introducing it? Why is that a problem? Genuinely curious

Imagine if they introduced a new PVP titan and suddenly PVP increased 100%. Oh we cant have that. Look at this chart, PVP is up 100%, we have to do something. Do you know what i mean?

There seems to be a bias against industry in EVE online. For example when the Capital ships the freighters was introduced they were not allowed to have fititng slots. Why? Imagine if you introduced a PVP ship without fitting slots? Why is there seemingly such a bias against industry.

It seems to exist only on the forums btw. I remember campaigning on forums for fitting slots on freighters and the amount of pushback was significant. But then out of nowhere they announce fitting slots for freighters at fanfast and the crowd literally went wild. They started cheering. So there is a clear difference between people who love and play the game and people who frequently post on the forum.


There is a balance that has to be maintained. Creation and Consumption. Rorquals mined a lot, moons produced a lot to mine, and so on. More than the historic levels had been up to that point for sure, but consumption did not keep pace. This de-values everything as people can’t consume the produced items or minerals fast enough to maintain demand. Minerals need to be used. Ships produced need to get blown up.

You can introduce any industrial ship you like of any size you like as long as it contributes only as much as it causes to be lost, either directly by its own destruction or indirectly from the knock on effects of doing whatever it is that it does. Rorquals are fairly safe where they operate and produce crazy amounts of material. Things got cheap, and there was no reason risk those things to exert the effort to control fonts of resources that were worth very little and readily available close to home. They increased production and the knock of effect reduced consuption. We ended up with huge stockpiles all over the cluster and that led to the developers pushing scarcity onto us later. Rorquals were not the only isolated factor in this, but they were definitely a big contributor.

There is this theory that increased industry leads to increased PvP, but I can’t recall it ever being the case that making industry easier (at least in so far as the gathering of raw materials) has led to more PvP. If one can make that work, though, I am sure it would be great.

There is likely a bell curve, a sweet spot if you will. Ships being too expensive will hurt pvp, but resources being too cheap will hurt industry.

This is absolutely not the perspective you want to develop a game from. You dont want to be like “we want this much PVE and we want this much PVP”

That’s a mischaracterization. Eve is a living economy, as such CCP needs to make sure it’s working properly and isn’t being artificially limited by balance decisions they’ve made.

Sure but how do you define “working properly”. It seemed that the Rorqual didnt break anything when it was first introduced other than the chart that someone was able to dig out that showed it was responsible for ~50% of all ore being mined and that was somehow deemed a problem. But why?

I can’t tell if you’re being intentionally obtuse. You do not understand why creating more of a thing than gets used is bad for the people who profit off creating it?