ORE Faction Development - let's design new ships, equipment, drones, dinghies


A brand, a corporation or a faction?

Will you help expand and define it?

Let us design some amazing ships and what not for O.R.E… When we have something we’re proud of, we will decide when to contact the right ones, - if there not a part of it.


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For a long time my Corp have had this dream…

I have cooked up a “Drone Miner” (DM) and a Megaminer (MM), I’d like to develop further with you. If we have two or three finished designs of each, it might be easier to present.

I wrote a Google Doc a week back or so on both to share and here is a bit:
Both ships at their fastest mining.
The DM is a Gen2 of either Noctis or Porpoise (vexor and obelisk as qualities).
(If Porpoise) Fleethangar removed "to give room for more electronics, bandwidth, a slightly larger DroneBay and such.
DM may launch 1 Fighter or up to 15 various drones. 3 ordinary Ice Harvester II’s or 2 Modulated.
DM can’t boost, but receive (Mining Foreman Boost Yield should apply to drones as well !!!)

MM is like ORE’s “Titan”, - though only the size of a Battleship. Able to mine everything.
It is a “repurposed old Battleship” or something new. I was thinking of the head of the mushroom. Mordus’ “Barghest” is another possibility.
8 mining heads. If defense 5 light drones/two missiles or rockets or Hardpoints.
Low or No Cargohold and low orehold.

The alternate might be even cooler: Repurposed SOE’s “Nestor” or Triglivian’s “Leshak” with only one single miner…
Yes, one ! But It’s a build-in “Doomsday weapon”:
A giant beam emitted somewhat like Gallente’s Erebus will go on for three minutes (Mining Foreman burst, boosters and full skills) harvesting… 10 Ice…
3s cooldown between each run.
When harvesting for new type (Ice/ore (different types?)), should the weapon be reconfigured with a drone/on base/ship maintenance bay or is it different types of charges? Maybe the Canon don’t care about any, it takes EVERYTHING?!?

The small Cargo hold (space for 3-4 runs), may be emptied:

  1. On base 2. Jettisoned 3. Fleet Hangar
  2. It’s own “Storage Link”. Won’t work on BR’s, because the can’t be scanned = “Storage Link” can’t penetrate hull.
    From up to 10km without “Mining foreman range boost” MM may link a container/transporter/Porpoise/Orca/Rorqual’s storage to MM’s own. Range and storage type Penalties applies to transfer speed from MM’s orehold to Linked storage.
    The Canon/miners/harvesters is/are the transfermodule(s) and the transfer could be done one of these ways:
    A. After each cycle, miners/canon automatically has to be emptied in target Storage. “Shoots” harvested/mined ice/ore into target storage. B. Manually emptying the cargo hold by “shooting” at the Target. C. It could have a build-in “Glass sphere” or small turrets to be the transfer-module.
    C1. Continuously: When harvested, it is transferred. C2: As “A” using transfermodule. C3: As “B” using transfermodule.

So how to balance both

How about a refining ship that can move like a large freighter, but use its slots to refine items, 1 slot, 1 item. The same style of ship could be used for mobile manufacturing - again 1 slot, 1 type of item.

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I would like to see the mining barges and exhumers reworked. A little better CPU/Powergrid and more clear roles. The Porpoise is in need of more CPU and larger Fleet Hangar.

I would like to see battleship class mining ships with Hard points for mounting mining lasers and weapons both. They would have more mid slots and low slots.

Some kind of modules to counter bumpers other then just the Higgs anchor rigs.

A module to increase the mining lasers range would be nice but might not be used much.

A drone bay added to the Prospect, drone bandwidth increase to 25 for it and the Endurance.

A health increase across the board for the Ore Ships.

Mining drone velocity needs to increased! Either CCP needs to increase the velocity or give mining ships that use them a bonus to then or increase the CPU/Powergrid and slots to allow the fitting.

I think all Ore ships should have at least one hard point to mount a gun or missile launch.

Conflict drives innovation, Ore ships are targeted daily and nothing has been done to make them better or even to invent a better mining ship.

Ore is a Faction and I would love to do missions for them. I would like to have a lot more information about the Ore Faction.

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How about a larger gas harvester already.


I’d like to see a ship that collects gases from the sun’s of eve, we have so many different types but no interaction except maybe in WH where they give and take bonuses.

But a fact IRL is that suns are constantly ejecting materials mainly gases and the potential for group events such as “mass corona ejection” where the potential for quicker fill ups and the gases profitability as usual is based upon system sec rating with null and WH offering the more exotic gases, anyway we can do it without a new ship just some tweaks of the code to allow gas mining by the :sun_with_face:.


Never seen the Gas harvester? How do you get the gasharvester?

Maybe zazzmatazz Xu’s idea is something you can build on? Maybe it was something like what you had in mind?

I think this “Sunharvester” idea of yours is GREAT.
I am thinking something looking bulky (so it can withstand the heat for a longer time).
For balancing it might have to be slow.
I one inserts Carbon fiber, it looses “sunharvesting” ability, but gains speed and agility and still able to mine any other gas field.

What do you think?

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I was thinking about a Freighter just this weekend aswell!!!
I remembered “Nostromo” from “Alien”, which was a huge deep space freighter. In Star Trek: Enterprise and other Sci-Fi’s Freighters also have weapons on them to defend against pirates. Needless to say that they are NOT as good a shot as a hardened battleship, but compared to nothing…

If an O.R.E Transporter/Freighter is destroyed the cargo is jettisoned as one or more giant secure container. Without “Hacking”-skill in level 3(?), one has to use x hours to “cut though the hardened container”.

Is it any good refining upon selling? We don’t. We seem to get the best prices unrefined.

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I am ALL with you on this!!!

I think Exhumers should go back to what they were (mining heads wise).
One might scream “They need a gas sucker!!!”, but I like zazzmatazz Xu’s idea with a dash of Daoden’s.

For the Porpoise (which I love!): It sounds like you want it to be a “Fast flying Orca”, yes? Unfortunately they’ll NEVER agree to that. If they’ll do any rework I guess, it would be removing Drones or taking some storage to Fleethangar. They COULD make ALL storage to fleet Hangar. That’ll help, don’t you think?

CCP claim Armour is the trait of O.R.E. (apparently the ONLY), I don’t feel it. How about you?
Yes to health AND armour AND shield, when we don’t have anything else!

I read somewhere, that “they [CCP] probably wouldn’t give any more speed to Mining Drones or Harvesters or let them get affected by skills, because those drones are not for battle!”
I sure want more drone speed though!

In Sci-Fi’s Transporters have some kind of defence! I am a firm believer, that O.R.E. ships should too. It’s NOT a warship though, so penalties must be in some ways :frowning: .

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Most ORE ship or mining overall redesigns suggestions ask CCP make it so that you could mine more, or mine faster, or easier, or safer. Correct me if I’m wrong but as I read it you’re suggesting power creep. Every ship you propose makes some existing ship obsolete.

I am a mere player, like you.
I don’t have any Developer Friends at CCP.
I don’t have any special channels, that you don’t have.
This Thread was started to develop our own ideas.
I seriously doubt CCP have time to “rework O.R.E.” because we don’t like it.
If we create a few babies, rework a few oddities and annoyances, I think the chances are greater that they will listen., instead of one or two trying to get their attention.


Mining Barges makes the Venture (mostly) obsolete. The Exhumers makes the Mining Barges obsolete.
I am sure, that a lot will agree, than once you have the Rorqual, you wouldn’t fly the Orca as much as you used to, because of the Rorqual’s huge storage capability.
The Porpoise made the Noctis obsolete, - if it weren’t from the day the Orca were released.
The Porpoise merits as a low-sec/null-sec “Orca” and every thing larger than Noctis can do the Noctis’ work.

The Mining Frigate, “Venture”, has been made obsolete by the Expedition Frigate “Prospect” and it’s sister ship “Endurance”

I believe I wrote that needed to balance the ships I purposed.

In the existing Factions There are nothing ships making the ships below it “obsolete”.
If O.R.E. shouldn’t be the very best in transporting and mining what would be the point in having them in the first place?

Remember, Siegfried, we’re ALL brainstorming here (I hope). If you’re afraid the transporters of O.R.E. will become too good, then keep in mind the traits that Minmartar’s have. Those have way smaller signature, than O.R.E.'s COULD have :slight_smile: . That doesn’t make Minmartar’s obsolete in the slightest.

Nevertheless, - your future comments are all valued to the thread.

Do you have an idea on how to rework any of the current miners?

In another thread a carrier or supercarrier was mentioned.
A Rorqual-ish capital ship with two or three (autonomous?) exhumers instead of the fighters.

Personally I think it’s overkill, but all ideas are welcome to be proven, by others than me (I mean that!).

Going with this idea, I think CCP need to develop a “Dummy plug” for making artificial, semi -autonomous Ventures. No larger than Mining Barges.
Some additional restrictions has to balance.

A “Dummy Plug” can be useful, if other Factions carriers, gets reworked. I see two to four frigates or small bombers, maybe a destroyer instead.

I like my Drone Miner idea more.
What do you think?

By the way:
I could see a reasoning in giving the ORE Faction the following traits:
Shield, Armour and severe boost to the whole “Civilian” - Family.

The Ships are bulky, have to stay safe from meteorshowers and accidental bumps and they are NOT military vessels! The crew are NOT trained in warfare, but in target practice with available, declassified weaponry and issues.

Any other Ideas?

  1. Make ORE a faction you can join when creating a character. Starting skill points would not be applied to gunnery, missiles, hacking and archaeology, but would be applied to drones.

  2. No new ships per se, but move the Hoarder, Miasmos, Kryos and Epithal to ORE Industrials, then redesign to make them “ORE” and rename so they aren’t associated with their former factions.

  3. Porpoise: bump the bonus to ship cargo and ore hold capacity to 6% per level so the ore capacity is maxed out to 65,000m3.

  4. Drones: an active high slot module that will target the closest asteroid/ice to the ship which the drone(s) mine automatically. The conditions are:
    a) ECM, Sensor Dampeners, and Tracking Disruptors work against it the same way they do against the ship.
    b) It will not lock a target while the ship is being attacked.
    c) No drone can start mining if any other mining drone is not idle.
    d) Max targeting range is 3000km.

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I’d like to see an O.R.E. Jump Freighter along with some high sec agents for it other than the one from the SoE arc. As it stands, if you want to do missions for the O.R.E. folks, you have to go to null sec. Perhaps change level 1 and level 2 missions to be in high sec, level 3 to be low sec, and any mission above that to be in the null region.

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as stated previously people do seem to air on the side of Power creep more than over all balance to the Subfaction.

there is also a clear distinction between obsolescence and progression.
the venture progresses to the Prospect/endurance
the T1 barges progress to T2
the porpoise progresses to the Orca (is a strange way)

we dont need more haulers.
there is a clear progression for the factions and their respective hauling platforms.

ORE could use some combat focused hulls that get Aggressive bonuses to the detriment of their mining yield/speed. (deffence destroyers /BCs)

Maby a new set of ORE faction Modules and implants with Faction hulls that specialist in vary specific ways:
-ORE colab with the angel cartel to produce a platform that is fast and slipery with better mining laser refinement and range but has reduced capacity for storage
-ORE Colab with the Serpentis corporation that produces an exceptional Gas huffing plat form with some really sharp teeth (combat focus with massive bonus to harvest amount for Gas)
-ORE colab with the SOE to produce mining platform with enhanced sensors and scanning ability
-ORE colab Guristas to produce a drone mining platform with great shield profiles

I would also suggest that faction specific mining platforms are re-introduced (old Navitas/Execure) with new designs built around destroyer hulls.

We need to focus on making ORE as a corporation unique as opposed to just xxx% more efficient

I agree with u mostly. All the mining ships are pretty well balanced I think. 2 things I would like to see …

  • Gas Harvester Upgrade (Similar to Mining/Ice upgrades)

  • A fleet version of the Miasmos which alphas can use giving a very limited yield boost but only to Ventures. Small fleet hanger of 3000 m3, reduced ore hanger maybe to Jetcan size, 27.5k m3.

The last is the really important one I feel. It would encourage alpha miners to fleet, make friends, sub to omega, join a corp etc. It would also give them a sense of of some upgrade path wheras right now all they have is the Venture. While I understand CCP don’t want alphas being producers it would give them a flavour of fleet mining and the mechanics of how to manage one.

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