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EVE lacks a ship that would cover the gap between Orca and Freighters when it comes to cargo capacity. It should come with cargohold with around 150k m^3, no fitting slots, 2 AU/s warp speed, align time of around 15-20 seconds, no more than 60-80k EHP and would not require Advanced Spaceship Command skill, so it would be much faster to train than existing Freighters. Cheaper to build as well.

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You haven’t been playing since 2012 have you? LOTS have been done. Mining ships actually have tanks now and defined roles and don’t even get me started on Rorquals.

That might not be an idea for a ship in itself, but I remember participating in a thread talking about comets traversing a system, and being rare mining events.

Since they would be random, it could also justify the use of mining fleet freighters, transporting Mining Barges and Exhumers from one system to another, and maybe even the ability to carry their pilot, or having a clone vat bay ?

You can use an Orca to transport barges/exhumers to different mining spots, used to do that a lot when I was Omega. As long as u have local compression ur golden.

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