ORE Faction Development - let's keep it one place, shall we?


A brand, a corporation or a faction?

Will you help expand and define it?

Let us design some amazing ships and what not for O.R.E… When we have something we’re proud of, we will decide when to contact the right ones, - if there not a part of it.

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Many great ideas were posted in the old thread!
A new larger Gas harvester. A way of harvesting the gas from the sun.
A BattleShip sized Miner being kind of a hybrid of the Exhumers… An evolution of the Exhumers.
A Drone Miner.
Another giant miner with around 8 hardpoints
A capital sized miner with a huge ore hold.
A (sort of) “Mini-Titan” with a build- in miner/harvester “Doomsday”-device and its exclusive build-in “ore-transfer-link”, because of it’s tiny ore hold.
Ore transporters
New Ore Faction Stats: Better Armour, Shield and huge bonus to Civilian-series (it’s not meant as a military faction). ORE Faction ships are easy prey for even a Frigate.
All transports in all factions should mount at least Civilian weaponry (at least one hopefully better versions)

Others were happy with how ORE was, - “but everything needed a rework”.

In another thread I found a sort of Rorqual with 2-3 exhumers instead of fighters.
Some comenters did NOT like that idea! The dismissed it quickly as a supercarrier.
I think it’s a bit overkill, but I included it in the thread:
If this “Miner Carrier” is becoming a thing, the dronebay and I assume CCP wants the Cargo Bay or Fleet hangar.
2-3 (autonomous) Ventures (hopefully mining barges) with the new module “DUMMY PLUG” installed.
Some penalties will be given using Dummy Plug.
One of the Carriers in each Faction can be refitted to 2-3 Frigates with "Dummy Plugs, receiving penalties as well.

Unfortunately we never took the time to do more than spawn Ideas…

The problem with more capable mining ships is that you increase the supply of minerals. Unless you also increase the demand - the price will fall and people will abandon the activity until a balance between supply and demand is achieved.

The enormous influx of cheap minerals from the last mining ship changes has permitted the construction of large capital and super capital fleets but, it’s debatable if this concentration of power is a good thing. I will argue that game balance would be healthier if CCP returned the Orca and Rorqual to their original command ship role.


THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH. for an in depth good explanation!
Perhaps THE most constructive “negative” comment on either thread!
Watch and learn, everybody!

I had thoughts about “supply and demand”,
I don’t know if EVERYTHING has to be made in Eve online. If everything ABLE to be playermanufactured HAD to be, demands might be higher, yes?

Then, a rework IS needed for all, - but how? ORE Faction/Brand Ships together with other faction’s haulers are nothing but a crystalchandeliers and expensive, fragile vases in a rugbygame for elephants!

Um… no?

Do you know how ridiculously tanky Deep Space Transports can get? 750 thousand EHP on a Bustard, with all resists for shield above 96%. If that is fragile, then I would really like to see what is considered tanky.

I must admit, I do not recall what I meant on July 5th.
There must’ve been a reason to my claims, in-game or presumed Developer logic.
Right now it does not make any sense.

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