Pirate Mining Vessels

Since Pirate Factions don’t have great relations with ORE, it would make sense for them to have their own vessels for mining ore if they can’t get any from ORE normally.

Each pirate faction would have mining vessels that are a cross between a barge/expedition frigate and a frigate/destroyer/cruiser/battlecruiser and each pirate faction could specialize in industrial vessels similar to the orca/porpoise.

I haven’t gotten around to the stats, but it’d be really interesting to see.


Rried this with the Triglavian mining options abdvwas looking at following that up with industrial ships.

But not many are interested.

I’d be interested in pirate industrials. Designed for working in dangerous space and/or hiding from the law.

  • An angel transport/blockade runner with fast warp time seems really simple.

  • Tough guristas battle badger/DST

  • Serpentis gas barge

Stuff like that.


Those are some creative ideas, sadly it does seem people aren’t interested.


Pirate factions bave access to ORE mining ships.
They even stolen ORE compression modules and scientists not long ago.

Triglavian miner has only in the last year had access to ORE tech, before that they had to gave gheir own Technology and ships to mine ore in abyssal space mining fields.

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Why would the pirates make thier own mining ships when they could more easily raid an anstroid belt and comandeer a few from ORE taht are already mining?


They also have access to Ruptures. But that doesn’t stop them making a Cynabal.

Why did they make their own corvettes?

great question, but their corvettes are limited editions anyways meaning they suck so much they rather not build anymore

hold on, you were the guy against making faction destroyers… now you want adding faction mining ships? kinda sus

If they suck so much why did they build them in the first place? Why not just use empire corvettes?

Why is that Sus?

Faction destroyers don’t have a role. It was just some naive person wanting more of the same stuff but better.

With pirate industrials we have more of an opportunity to create something special. Like haulers and miners designed for working in dangerous space or avoiding [the law].

Likewise I believe there is opportunity to make pirate recons or logistics, like a guristas logistics that applies the super drone concept to logistic drones.

I am very strongly in favor of this.

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Pirate mining ships would be better miners than conventional barges because Pirates would skip things, like safety protocols, to get mining yields. A pirate barge would be able to mine 1.5 x more than a Procurer, due to using a mining laser that reduces all resistances to 15%. Armor and shields would be minimal, just enough to keep the pilot alive and slightly protected. Every place where there wasn’t a need for armor would be open to space.

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Sure, go for it. And do the faction destroyers and other BCs, too. At least then CCP is actually making ‘new’ material for Eve, even if it’s just alternative flavors of existing things.

Yes, there’s one set of faction BCs, but hey, do the rest. And while we’re at it, let’s throw a few more of the frigates and cruisers in there.

I’m just tired of CCP constantly removing everything from the game and maybe these ships won’t be hugely used, but giving people more toys for the sandbox(so long as they’re not absurdly broken) is a good thing.

Enough new ships for functions that are already overly covered. If you must, Tech 3 Cruiser can have some weird pirate mods for stuff like this. A big 5th wheel ore trailer for T3 cruisers. You want an ugly T3? There it is. I’m seeing a big Ford F30 reimagined by Dali.

There used to be faction mining frigs years ago, but they were removed and the hulls repurposed (most of them are logi frigs now.) Lore wise, there wouldn’t be much reason for pirates to make their own mining ships when ore already does it so much better.

It’s not like pirates can’t get access to empire materials. They make their own ships and weapon systems because they can make them better. Violence is, after all, their trade.

I doubt pirate faction mining vessels will be used as any kind of direct release but perhaps in time as the arc system and faction warfare mechanics are revamped in years, it could entirely be a thing.

I do support the idea of there being faction mining vessels

All that a faction mining ship would be is an even juicier gank target…

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