Why are there none of this type of ship?

why does ccp make so many pirate ships but none of the pirate ship are for mining

it is well known many of the pirates make booster but how? i will laugh if they use skiff. how do they collect gasses?

also many pirates have battleship and some even have concept art of capital so we know they are coming…where do they get their minerals? jita alts lol?

why ccp always discriminate against miners. right now the only way to be a pirate miner is if i wear an eye patch irl when i look for veldsparrrrrrrr


You do realize that all the mining ships from smallest to largest are a part of Ore Minings lineup and Ore is based in null sec. They are a pirate null sec faction by the games standards.

Now that being said I wonder what you would propose for a truly pirate, read dual race ship with dual racial bonuses, mining ship. Btw suggestions or ideas is in another channel on the forums.

I eagerly await all ears.


oh i thought ore was gallente

We us Gallente racials to build and operate Ore ships but Ore itself is Outer Ring Mining which is in null sec.

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ORE is their own faction, but has standings greater with Gallente and Minmatar and use Gallente stations. So sort of like an off-shoot of them. That being said, no empire faction has their own miners. And being in NPC null, being friendly with pirates who mine, seems prudent. So they likely try their best to fulfill and of their orders as well

Some Ore lore: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Outer_Ring_Excavations

From a practical standpoint, a look at the mineral price index in the most recent economic report shows massive overproduction of minerals. To restore balance CCP is either going to have to nerf the harvest or significantly increase mineral consumption.

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ORE ships are primarily build with Gallente technology which is why they share many attributes with their ships. Similarly Sisters of EVE (SoE) ships are a mix of Amarr and Gallente technologies so they share characteristics from their ships.

Same goes for the actual Pirate Factions, they too has mixed technologies:

  • Angel Cartel ships is a mix of Minmatar and Gallente.
  • Blood Raider Covenant ships is a mix of Amarr and Minmatar.
  • Guristas Pirates ships is a mix of Caldari and Gallente.
  • Serpentis ships is a mix of Gallente and Minmatar.
  • Sansha’s Nation ships is a mix of Amarr and Caldari.

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