Should we see a new mining faction be added

I think that only truly having one mining faction just does not make sense at all and the fact there is not another one just stinks. and don’t start about battle ships though i think it should be a pirate faction. meaning you would need two skills making it harder to get and it would cost more. the frigate i think would be an alpha ship but after they would be omega exclusive. though I will be making a bigger post soon with models lore and what makes them diffrent it also could be an edit

Why doesnt it make sense?

And I guess all those corps and alliances that do mining dont exist.


What would be the point of having another faction’s mining ships, when they’d simply have to have the same mining capabilities in the interests of the proverbial ‘balance’ that everyone goes on about.

I mean, one can understand how some factions concentrate more on missile ships than on laser ships or turret ships. Even those are balanced out to some extent. But there’s very little you can vary on a mining ship. Even the sizes would have to be roughly similar. If the new ships had any conceivable advantage, people would simply stop using the existing ones…and then you’d be back to just one brand again.


just a new faction for mining it also does not make sense due to the fact there are many mining product companies on earth when you have a galaxy to work with one factoin only. it just seems odd

though if it cost more to get the frigate it would cost more everywhere else

Its a monopoly.


First of all, why is this needed? There is only one exploration “faction”, SOE, and we’ve done just fine with their ships.

Let me guess, you are wanting combination mining/combat ships, which won’t work out the way you are thinking because when you multi-role a ship, you are gimping yourself in both roles.

We don’t need to be adding new ships just for the sake of having new ships. We already have 9 proper mining ships and 3 command fleet support mining ships.

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as a shareholder of ORE I’m happy


Go old school. Skill into a geddon. Attach mining lasers. profit.


I read some of the backstory back in 10th-11th grade ORE’s rise to power is an interesting story and also WHY they are the only big mining faction in New Eden. Mining corps have it very rough. ORE went through many challenges and are still attacked.


Why do people keep reacting to this guy’s brainfart threads?

Helping the newbros :smiley:

He should start his own faction that exclusively mines in geddons.

There is only one exploration faction, however all the empire factions have ships that are suited to exploration.

I think this is the distinction and OP is asking for a little variety for industry. Like you have for hauling. Mining does stand alone in that it’s only got one faction providing ships for the purpose and if you don’t like the look of them tough.

I don’t personally see anything inherently wrong with providing them with a little more variety. I don’t think they need more evolved versions but just perhaps some choices.

For instance most miners are ultimately designed to be shield tanked and have drone support. What about a series of empire miners with almost no mid slots and enough low slots to armour tank instead. Or miners that can’t fit more than one mining laser but have bonuses to support classes like logi or ewar.

These could all be vessels designed to fit with the aesthetic of other empire vessels but provide a little more variety in the miner fitting play style.

It’s not going to harm anyone else to give them a little variety. Yes people who have cornered the market on Barges and who “own” the ORE space will object, however to the rest of us it is almost incidental beyond seeing more variety in what we kill in space.


well other then lower the cost of some ships

It might lower the cost of some ships maybe, but I think more likely the ORE ships would still dominate because they are going to be hands down the best miners, the empire ones would fill more of a niche role.

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So, what, just the same ships but with a different logo?

Wtf would be the point in that?

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No I mean they would use the style ethos of the different empire factions. So Gallente would be some sleek metropolis style mix of hot rod, cruise ship and some ww2 era plane. Amar would be pale, ornately armoured with sparkly gold mining lasers etc etc.

They are space JCBs, making them aesthetically different has no purpose unless you want to increase their cost to build.

Some people purely pick the ships they fly based on aesthetic. For my first 9 years in Eve on this toon I only flew Caldari.

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Right but those ships all have different stats.

These mining ships would all be the same ship but with pointless additional things on them.

Work vehicles generally keep embellishment out of the eqation because they are for a task, not to look good in.

Case in point: all ORE ships are technically Gallante but look the way they do to look practical and realistic.

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