Faction Mining Barges/Exhumers?

What do we think?

Yes? No?

What would even be the stats?

(Sorry mods, if this is best suited to Features & Ideas).

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“We” don’t think its required.

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But…we already have that? That’s what Outer Ring Excavation ships are.

CCP changed the old empire faction mining frigates and cruisers to logi and then created the ORE ships to handle the mining gameplay. They even created a truckload of “livery” SKINs for the ORE line. They clearly don’t think more faction mining ships are necessary.


What would be more useful would be factioned MLU’s and mining crystals.
MTU’s don’t need to be better at mining than a T2 MLU, but could add a small extra bonus based on race. For example Caldari might also add 5% shields, Minmatar might add 10% speed etc (Shields being more valuable for shield tanking ships etc).
Faction mining crystals might have shorter cycle times making it easier to avoid over mining an asteroid, with comparable cap decreases, and also a minor bonus like range or cap etc based on race again.

This would then give an Amarr miner using a Barge a different feel to a Caldari barge, without changing the actual amount of ore potentially mined.


I’d say no. We don’t really need what would effectively be re-skins of barges and exhumers.

Now if you were instead talking about introducing a couple specially sourced Navy hulls for each of the four empires from the Resource Wars corporation LP stores that basically get a mining bay and can do some mining on the side while being able to utilize a partial rack of racial weapons and possess a half reasonable tank? That would be more interesting. Both as something that more readily plays into being used within the RW sites as a combat miner and as something unique to the LP store than can be used to make a profit off said Resource Wars LP.


People looking for new faction ships are generally thinking “more powerful” but power creep is bad for the game wherever it occurs - let the developers balance existing ships so players have interesting choices.

For industrial resource harvesting ships, it’s even worse. Eve has a player driven economy. If you add more ore to an already well supplied market, you are simply going to drive down the price.

You are assuming that ‘more powerful’ has to equal ‘more mining’ here. Not ‘actually have some real fitting options like mining ships in EVE’s environment really would’.
EVE industrial vehicles should be based on the theory of the engineering tanks from WW2, that were combat capable, just not quite as capable as the dedicated battle tank variant, & had a specialised engineering use also. But well, CCP appear to have put modern industrial equipment into a totally different environment and then wonder why people constantly are unhappy with it.

We need blingy officer level mining modules!

CCP don’t like miners, I think theyd be quite happy if production dried up for a while.

That is a pretty decent Idea if you ask me. Same thing they did with the dual mining foreman link (+yield and shields). Some combination of both. Why? Cause why not? Miners with juicier killmails is not a bad thing to me.


Now if more than one goon would mine moon-poo instead of shooting the moon-citadels down that would certainly help too.

It’s a pipe dream.

Having more ship types is always nice, but faction mining barges are going to be gank magnets. Nobody really wants this. Other miners might even leave the belt when they see you in a faction mining ship, because they don’t want to be around when it happens. It’ll be heart-breaking to watch.

Faction mining ships nah

Faction mining modules, they do exist but cost so much due to their rarity they are more vanity than anything (or I don’t care to know how to play I gib money for plex). Something could be done here already, for much less dev work, like mining upgrades that dont add as much yield as T2 but reduce cycle time like proposed above for faction mining crystals, or add range for strip miners for a higher capacitor consumption.

faction mining crystals could be a thing too, but but it would need to be not so hard to get as going into nullsec NPC to go to the ORE LP store.

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Actually I was thinking what you were thinking, BUT;

An Exhumer that mined proportionally more and cost proportionally more on the same scale as Battleships to faction battleships.

Those would be fun to mine with and or kill.

Sure… assuming you want a mining ship that amounts to a “GANK ME” pinata for CODE.

Faction mining crystals, ice mining crystals and their faction variants and if theres a faction mining barge it would be between a hulk and orca in size and multicrewed with a price tag between an orca and a rorqual mining less than a rorqual but much more than an orca for group play.

Straight up power creep for faction ships is a big nope for me.

nice ideas @Nevyn_Auscent

any mining ship is a gank me piñata


While we are laying out our wish list,

Rather than add another mining ship, how about pairing them down to one Barge and one Exhumer?

Exhumer = Skulkinaw — In case you missed it, Skiff tank, Mackinaw hold and Hulk mining efficiency x3 build cost
Barge = Reaper — An all around basic ore harvester with benefits from all three. x3 Build cost.

Barges, really aren’t especially Procs

So in other words OP as ■■■■. No way. Faction, in line with other faction ships would be sweet. A new class that can mine more in hisec is not needed by any stretch.