Removing "mining barges"


Has this idea been taken on before? T2 mining frigs full under frig size ships while mining barges fall under their own section. Maybe it’s time we remove “mining barges” and place them under different sections for the size of ships. The goal of this topic is to see more mining ships fall under different sizes of vessels and not just keep changing the benefits of running these ships in space.

Frigs have light mining ships.
Cruisers Let’s move some of the mining barges under the cruisers and what’s left over make the other rare faction-type base.

News mining ships classes
Battlecruisers add two new types.
Battleship size maybe place orca here and a new type.

Just idea. I would love to see changes other than just trying again to nerf and or add more to the current 20-year-old way of doing things.

i dont see any good reason why …

aaahhhhhh :slight_smile: now i see YOUR reason why xD

no … we dont need more mining ships ! the actual existing ones are perfectly fine for its job !


Yes, it was just an idea, to add more mining ship types based on different classes of ships and this would mean we could see frig, cruisers and battlecruisers, and battleship sizes. Different classes of ships could mine for different things or and just make them bigger and bader in a 20 year old game.

Mining barges and exhumers are medium-sized ships.

They already share their size with cruisers and battlecruisers. Medium rigs, medium armor plates or shield extenders (or large shield extenders - medium sized ships often oversize these), 10MN afterburners… barges already ‘under the cruisers’ in that sense.

Ocas already are large-sized ships like battleships.

I don’t understand your title ‘remove barges’ nor do I understand why you wish to reclassify all these mining ships which already have good classifications within the EVE ship tree.

The only thing that makes sense in your post is ‘new mining ships’, but what exactly would be their role?

Keep in mind that this new ship would need a unique new role and not just be ‘bigger and better’ - such power creep just means that existing ships get replaced and become worthless, which would not be a good addition to the game.


mining frig/cruiser/bc/bs is actually a really cool idea tbh, esp if they had different roles

that’s just because you want a mining titan mining 5x faster than a rorq.

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and which roles they should have ? oO

everyone who wanna have more mining ships just want more output … why should CCP gave you a new ship with more output if they easy could change the output of the existing ones ? Oo

Indeed. Have them mine as much as a venture, but roles like … scanning ?
bubbling ?
orca is already RR.

OP, if you want more mining ships, throw some support behind this thread:

Actually, there used to be mining ships in each class - e.g., the bantum was initially a mining ship. But ORE came out, first with mining barges, and later exhumers (before these ships appeared the best miner was the Amarr Apocalypse, and the chief hauler ship was the Gallante Iteron 5.

Of course ORE could not let that condition continue and developed the mining frigates and re-worked the command ships to increase the effectiveness of mining barges and exhumers - when you mine - you use ORE ships. Period. I imagine the arguments, and likely assassinations to corner the market.

TLDR: what you are requesting is what the industrial, better, mining, world looked like before ORE took over from the four major political factions.

I assume you’re talking to me since I got the reply alert.

I’m aware there used to be racial miners, CCP didn’t get rid of them until t1 logi ships were introduced (well after the majority of the ore ships were introduced - I don’t recall if the venture was introduced before the change or concurrent with the introduction of t1 logi ships.)

My actual suggestion in that thread is to move what already exists in the game, moa and rokh miners, into dedicated ship hulls using the old mining hulls.

I wont go into the full list of reasons of why here, (you can read that thread if you’re interested,) but the main thrust of the reason is to increase player interaction.

The first step is cutting the cost for all mining ships by half. The risk vs reward is not worth it now in day. By doing this we can see more mining and more ships go boom and needing mining ships to be built. It’s a win for miners, a win for people who want to attack them, and a win for demand for them.

Then reclass the mining ships under the correct ship types instead of ship class “ore”.

Then move on adding more mining ships which specialize in different ores and not just the lasers.

The point here is if we can have 100s of ways to combat one another then we should have the same options for gathering resources in space.

I’m neither for nor against - just want to say that it seems the corporation ORE won the hearts and minds of miners and convinced the other major factions that their solution made it possible for them to redesign their miners into something their more military minded executives could get redesigned into something they felt more suited to their desires.

as an example: when the barges and later exhumers first appeared they were specialized - and very different hulls with one, two, or three mounting points for “strip” miners. And, iirc, at least two of the ships were specialized - one for ice, and one for mercoxite - though it maybe that the ice ship was also for mercoxite. Been a few years, and my last pod was of the “oops, forgot to upgrade type”. Auto-updates are fantastic!!

C’est EvE!

Nothing personal. Just a returning player - and I haven’t seen your earlier posts.

In role play - it appears ORE won this aspect of the game.

Out of role play - there are many things I think got ruined, ie, more out of balance than when I left. But part of playing EvE is learning to play the hand you’ve been dealt.

If, a few months down the road - I still don’t like the feel of the cards - I’ll try a different set of cards - and see where those take me.

p.s. I would have tried to send a pm, but either I am too young to do so, or blind and missed the button, or pm has been disabled in this new type of forum world.

Wish you well!

Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) is the mining faction that designs these mining ships. This faction supplies the blueprints for these barges as well as the valuable ORE mining equipment.

ORE is not a ship class, it’s a faction like Sisters of EVE, Caldari or Guristas.

Mining ships are cheap enough already and if the risk vs reward isn’t worth it, it seems to me like you may be taking too many risks?

It’s easy to take bigger risks with mining ships. Upgrade your Barge to an Exhumer, equip your ORE mining equipment and some luxurious shield hardeners you can be flying a ship worth a billion ISK if you wanted. Alternatively you can fly an affordable Barge and be done well under 60 million ISK. Or go even cheaper and fly a Venture for less than 1 million ISK.

If you can fly any mining ship within a range of 1 million to 1 billion ISK depending on your choices, it seems to me like you may just be making the wrong choices if you think the risk is too high for the rewards.

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I strongly disagree with that.
IMO the cost and yield of the ships is pretty good now.
CCP has granted the mining barges fitting room, so they now are on par with actual cruisers/battlecruisers : they can fit tank, propmod, utility. Their cost should be on par with other ships. ATM they are 50M to build from Jita buy, which is the same as a BC. They also have same EHP as a BC.

What’s more, the cost is driven by player actions, not by CCP. If anything, the incoming changes should reduce the price of minerals.
So will reduce the price AND the income of those ships.

First of all where are you mining from that you find the risk/reward so bad?

Then ask yourself how do I reduce my costs as much as possible while still maintaining a good % of my mining amount and then go to a place where you gain the most valuable ore and you will do well.

If your mining tritanium in high sec at 20mil/h in a blinged hulk fit that costs 2bil and you get ganked every 40 hours them ofc its going to be bad risk/reward but then you could also fit up a 80mil prospect fly through a portal into pochven mine at 100mil/h and drop it back off in high sec and make back the cost of your ship within the first few minutes.