Pirate Industrial Ships(NOT MINING)

Now, before you ask, NO PIRATE mining, we have no need and mining is already where it needs to be. However, all of the industrial ships are with the main-line factions. It would be interesting to have faction industrial ships, because the current haulers are cool, but are stagnating. Everyone flies a Charon because it has the largest cargo-hold. There would most likely only be three faction industrial ships, One for Guristas, one for Covenant, and one for Serpentis (maybe SOE). They would all be able to fit “Porcupine” modules. These modules would do something when the ship is attacked. The Guristas would increase shield resists by 50%(if ‘porcupine’ was at level V). The Blood Covenant would Neut it’s attackers by 500 gj. The serpentis would web and scram it’s attackers by a factor of one. If there was a SOE it’s module would be when it is attacked it cloaks? I don’t really know. I don’t think there should be any faction freighters, or else ganking would become impossible. The m3 of all three ships would be 5,000 with only three lowslots, with one of the lowslots being taken up by a porcupine module. The estimated cost of the ships would be around 150,000,000. All of the ships would have relatively fast align times, about 5 seconds, but would have a warp speed of 1.6au/s.

So… this doesn’t solve the identified problem?

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I’m sorry, I don’t really understand, what are you saying?

Ore has a couple of specialized industrials - Noctis & Bowhead. Orca can also be fit as a respectable hauler - filling the capacity gap between DST and freighter. Back when Alphas were racially locked, there was discussion on the forums of moving the other specialized haulers to Ore.

The role of any new industrial needs to be clearly defined - what vacant niche would it fill? Adding a new ship that simply displaces an existing ship makes no sense. Bear in mind that destruction is an essential component of the Eve economy - stuff doesn’t wear out or go obsolete so industrial ships that are harder to catch and kill are probably not going to happen. The game needs more destruction - not less!

The idea is hat these porcupine ships would be one step up from standard industrials but not as high as something like a freighter. The niche that they are supposed to fill is more dangerous movements, such as lowsec or null.

I am not really a fan of the porcupine module after the first read, but I can imagine a SOE blockade runner (I did it a while ago).
I imagine it to be in a similar relation that the T1 and T2 explorer frigates and the Astero have.
The best way I can explain it is: expensive but quick to get into, durable and also better than the T2 ships, at least until you learn Transport Ships 4 - that is when the explorer frigates become better at probing than the Astero too.

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