Negative security standing

Hello, having negative security status carries some negative consequences, but having a positive security status does not carry any benefits.

What if CONCORD showed up even faster in the event you were attacked if you had a higher security status?

What if criminals got a bigger hit to security status if they attacked someone with a high security status in high sec?

What if you could request a CONCORD escort if you had high security standing?

Or something else. What do you think?

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That’s a lot of ‘What if…?’ spamming, Dchill. Do you really have nothing better to do on a Sunday?

Seriously though, The general thrust of your ideas here is unlikely to be adopted by CCP. And well you know it. If you genuinely wish to invite feedback from other forum posters, please read my own response, below.

CONCORD should be removed from the game.
Security status hits (for those not playing consistently at -10) are a minor irritation, no more.

What do you mean by this?

You proposed sec status hits for ‘criminals’ in Highsec, scaling with the security status of the target.

Professional, full-time gankers will happily live at -10 security status and would be unaffected by such a change.

For the rest of us, having our sec status lowered is an occupational hazard, easily fixed with Clone Tags - though there is a cost involved. It is not really a punishment, and certainly not a deterrent.

Your question puzzled me. If I’ve got the wrong handle on it, please let me know.

I appreciate the response. To my knowledge its the casual gankers that don’t mind being at -10. The professional ones need or certainly benefit from the freedom of a neutral standing.

Professional gankers also seem to make more than enough ISK per gank to pay for tags required to repair the loss in security standing.

Never the less it seemed like an interesting thought to make security status an additional parameter gankers need to consider before engaging, but also for non gankers to feel better about having a high one.

Taken to the extreme a security standing of 5.0 could unlock and change how some things worked so that you become imune from ganking on that character :slight_smile:

But then security standing should probably trend toward 0 so you had to do things every now and then to keep it high if thats what was important to you :slight_smile: I will walk myself out.

This is a good point.

A better yield for miners and a better % for mission runners per sec status?

.5% per full security status better refining in highsec and .5% increase in bounty payouts in highsec?

I would be willing to bump that to 1.0. But would like to hear from others on this. Maybe even less waste?

And is it even possible to reach lvl 5?

my current security status on this character is the hard but not extremely hard 5.01. If you get as close as possible to a 5.00 and use the 2 largest single point security status increases in the game, you are able to get 5.02.

How long did that take, or could it take? I smell it being abused already.

From -1.9 or so, took about 35 hours of running incursions, at 2013 pace. Current pace is about 1.75x that with WTM to 2.5x that with TLA. So you could do it in less than 20 hours of active play in today’s state of game.

The existence of security status is the benefit of security status for those who do not aggress, and the penalty for those who do.

Sec status is an intelligence tool you are given for free to estimate the danger and unknown pilot presents. Someone with high sec status is less likely to attack, while someone with low sec status is more likely to illegally aggress. That prey can suss out a predator with some accuracy with the check info window makes the job of the hunter harder (or more expensive/time consuming, if the hunter is trying to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing by maintaining a higher sec status), if the hunted are being vigilant and monitoring the system for threats.

High security status gets you bonus for some module effectivness on some ships…

Referring to concord ships.

Total crap, a high sec status does not indicate aggression, only piety. I blasted many many ships with impunity because they were all suspect / criminal. Yet my sec status did not change (I think).

It wouldnt if you were attacking sus/crim… was double checking. You only lose sec standing through any unprovoked attack in low or high sec

I think its a good idea

There are some minor benefits to high security standing with some CONCORD ships. But yeah, it would be great to see some additional benefits for +4 or +5 security standing.

That is where the word ‘illegally’ comes from in the body of my text. Aggressing a suspect or criminal is legal.

Granted, I was not specific on legality throughout the entire body of that text, but I did assume since we were having a discussion directly on the subject of security status the participants would know to what it applies and that it would not be a reliable indicator of what goes on outside that scope.

Furthermore, I did not imply it was a reliable indicator of anything. People with high sec status can still illegally aggress, and have no special reason not to aggress criminals, suspects, people in null, or people in wormhole space where it does not apply. Alternatively people with high sec status may be shooting occasional pilots between intense ratting sessions. People with very low sec status that show up are much less likely to be interested in shooting the NPCs that raise it and more interested in shooting something that lowers it, which likely includes you, but it’s not impossible they’re in the mood for some ratting at that moment. Sec status is just a factor to take into account when trying to determine how threatening a pilot may be.

Also relevant, The higher your sec status, the larger the hit you take to your sec status when you lose any and the less you gain when you gain any. Thus it is harder to maintain a higher sec status while engaging in illegal aggression than a lower one since the relationship is not linear. Some of us still have sec status above today’s maximum attainable value and any person with that high a value is extremely unlikely to illegally aggress.