Please Remove Security Status.. is not fun have to raise SS

Please Remove Security Status… is not fun have to raise SS

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Don’t you take my Shiny Badge of Honor


xD xD xD


Then don’T do it and stay out of areas where it matters?


Psssttt you can buy Tags :slight_smile:

Wait can you still do this? Lol I haven’t fixed my sec status in a long time

Yea you can, carebears always need something to complain about, it’s not like CCP hasn’t given them a reset button

Tags or high sec npcs are great ways to raise SS. If you dont wanr low SS, dont be a criminal simple as that

The hell is up with people wanting their actions and consequences to not matter anymore.


You know in incursions you can pretty much reach a 4-5 SS in a few days right? Within hours you can easily reach 0 SS.

AND you get 200mil/hr + 7k LP.


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A lot of new people have joined the game recently thanks to some of the recent changes. They don’t know how things work. Maybe you could be a little more patient with them.

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Entitled precious egocentrics who think the world revolves around them.


OP is from 2015 and PVP’s on a daily basis. And even if, asking how things work is completely fine and if that’s what the OP did I would agree with you.

Instead he asked for a core mechanic to be flatout removed, not adjusted or balanced or anything else subtle… no, REMOVED and with no other reasoning than “I don’t like it”. That sort of behaviour should be called out all the time, any time.


It would be better to allow people to raise security status passively.

For example by turning themselves into jail of some kind or by being able to switch the skill training into passively raising security status.

Then don’t commit acts that lower your security status.

No regrets, just buy tags.

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Laughs in -10.0


You should probably play a different game, bud. This one is not for you.

Please remove concord and all those weird hisec rules. They’re scary !

I have an idea.

In High sec players cannot PVP unless at war? In low sec players can PVP anywhere except near stations and gates unless at war. And then in null sec players can PVP anywhere no matter what

Sounds good?

Best way to handle this is to Biomass your character and behave after that :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Reads like something Wesfahrn would write. You know him ? He also made a thread about overweight, just like you started one today about fat.

No, it’s a very un-EvE like idea, for plenty of reasons (which you can look up and re-read in older threads).


Saying something is un-EVE and just go read about it somewhere is not convincing

EVE online is also not as prominent and well designed as you seem to think. Its not a gold standard or anything. So again saying something is un-EVE does not necessarily mean its bad. Thanks for your comment.