Low sec security status partial removal

A lot of times I heard from new players, industrials and other kind of players fearing of loosing security status or standing in low sec.

So I propouse to relax those mechanics making easy for such people getting into low sec to have a few fights eventually.

In low sec you only get punished by turrets in gates and stations. IMO your security status and standings only should get punished under those areas.

So fighting for fun or isk, in a planet, anomaly, fw plexes… etc would be compatible with other activities creating content and fun from residents and visitors.

The current mechanics are simply not funny IMO.

PS: I personally do not need that, I’m confortable with my criminal status.



The game was just fine for along time when it was challenging to play.

It doesn’t need to continuously move towards a theme park.

never gonna get tired of posting this

Yeah the game is complete fine with lowsec being hugely dead and underused.

Such amazing constructive post, reason its like that is because people that want to get profit are always under threat, so people just deny going there. What’s a “Only sec status loss near a gate” going to do for this? Absolutely nothing different.

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The percentage of players in lowsec has been fairly consistent for several years.

The overall drop in the playerbase is an issue that making the game easier won’t solve.

The game doesn’t need to keep being made easier. That hasn’t worked. Player numbers have dropped in the period where that has been the focus.

So your sarcasm aside, the idea just continues the ineffective path the game has been on. It isn’t needed.

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Im a hi-sec miner and mission runner since 2006 and I will confirm sec. status loss is the number one thing keeping me from heading into low-sec and trying out PvP.

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There’s a thing called Alts case you’re too worried of loosing sec status, alternatively you can let the others shoot first. Or, since you run missions I am sure you got perfect sec status by now so loosing some shouldn’t be a problem considering you can get it back by running missions.

I think fears about losing security status are baseless. It takes no effort to get them back with access to L4 agents and you sincerely don’t lose them very quickly at all. I think folks that are used to running with 5 security status have a totally unwarranted paranoia about losing it.

Don’t shoot neutral pods and you’ll be alright. Loss in sec status is slow through fights with neuts alone. It’s podding that dips you real low. I can’t help it myself. I am compelled to pod any hull I find that is pirate or navy.

i don’t see how this is supposed to help anything.

can you elaborate?

There seems to be folks here that complain that the security penalty for shooting neutrals is too severe. I’m saying it’s not. The largest factor of losing positive sec status way up from 5.0 down to negative is just not possible with a handful of confrontations where you are called to initiate aggression on a non-pirate player in empire space when down in lowsec. The huge loss is seen when committing to any hostile action against a capsule. Abstaining from scrambling/webbing/shooting a pod can save you the biggest sec hit and make tagging it back up not such a big deal or isk investment. About 80 mil is what my costs were every quarter of the year with moderate play time and ALWAYS shooting first and at every opportunity allowed. This was WITH shooting a few pods here or there.

Most of the time opponents are red and this saves me Isk.

It’s not right to suggest changes to something you do not understand.

Oh, reducing the hit for pod aggression in lowsec is reasonable.

You benefit from the status quo, and i don’t really see an argument against lowering the penalties for something completely normal and usual. It’s lowsec. It shouldn’t be severely punishing for killing pods. vOv

Hmmm…interesting. In another thread when it was suggested that players who attack in high sec should have to grind to keep their security status up it was treated the complete opposite of what you said here.

It’s almost like different people have different views on things.

However this thread isn’t about highsec. It’s about lowsec, where the rate of sec status loss for PvP is generally different (if you don’t pod illegally) to highsec and where CONCORD Bureaus provide for near instant repair of sec status for the cost of a bit of ISK.

When sec status tags were introduced in 2013, it was specifically for the situation the OP has raised:


The first goal of which was to:

Give players a reason to be out in space. In particular, to be out in low-sec space.

Even if you don’t want to rat for tags yourself, every CONCORD station in lowsec has them on the market, so repairing sec status is easy.

So, CCP have already introduced mechanics to partially alleviate sec status penalties for PvP in lowsec. It just costs a bit of ISK.

Yeah but you know how people work, they want more, more more and more, preferably for free with as little effort as possible.

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Maybe you have never been smart bombed off a gate before. Happened quite often. Then DCU’s became passive. Happened a little less.

I wouldn’t mind having to pay less, but I don’t know what can be done about smart bomb pod farming. There are a lot of battleships that use them against frigs when they roam. I only mention it because being a smart bomber on gates usually comes with being a solid -10. It helps to identify new smart bombers and watchlist them. It also makes it easy to chase them off because one could engage them without worrying about gate guns ans such. Or catch them. Most of them are very clever and remove themselves from danger or use alts on the other side. So, making podding not a highly punishable sec hit would affect this area of the game. Negatively in my view. I’d probably rather fork over the isk than get sniped by pie’s that use gate turrets in an advantageous way.

I maintain that it is an ongoing problem that is over exaggerated and doesn’t come with an easy fix besides tagging non-fw players with suspect upon activation of a FW gate, which would seriously cripple the element of surprise for a pilot that intends on doing the hunting.

I actually don’t disagree. Low sec sucks because it’s too punitive compared to wormholes and null sec space. Why should a space that allows a higher degree of pvp freedom than high sec punish people for pvping?

To me it has nothing to do with coddling people (everyone who knows me knows I am anti-coddling lol), and more to do with having low sec not be painful to play in.

IMO High Sec is the only place that should put a ‘price’ on unwanted pvp interaction (and no place should bar those interactions outright, lots of high sec people want complete safety but that would be wrong for EVE).

You mean near enough completely empty because no one goes there.

BTW my original post wasn’t about sec status it was about faction standings in regards to faction warfare. I’d love to be able to hope in and out of faction warfare but it’s a no go as i can’t afford to lose access to any of highsec with my main or any of my alts. It’s far easier for me to go in to a WH or out to null if i want pvp instead of going to lowsec.

If CCP wanted to give to a temporary -10 faction standing while participating in faction warfare and then return your real facton standings once you leave. I’d be in and out and FW and lowsec all the time.

Although if truth be told i’d rather see low turned in to null light. As in no bubbles or bombs and no standings hits at all. Just turn it in to a giant pvp arena and remove the gate guns.