Invasion - Repping the enemy needs to trigger Suspect

CCP, you determined the mechanic was broken once before. Why would you allow it again. What happened to decisions matter, this fly’s in the face of choices, risk/reward.


That’s what the “lowsec” sec status drop is all about.

When the time comes, CONCORD will go away and people can just fight it out. Rep who you want, shoot who you want, it’s all good.


Ah yes. Very balanced. You can’t fight back till it changes so all the pirates can attack you…
The low sec sec status change is one of the most unbalanced mechanics ever suggested in EVE and badly favours the Trigs in the long run.

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It favours no one.

It just opens the system to unfettered combat. You get to shoot your enemies with no loss, and your anyone with no direct cost.

At some pont, the gloves are going to come off, I think that is clear. Then everyone can shoot everyone - no need to whine about someone repping someone. There will be standings penalties and so forth, the people like the OP will be able to shoot people repping enemies with no hesitation.

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Of course it does. High Sec groups can’t build caps. Trying to pretend that it’s an even playing field indicates either extreme ignorance of meta issues, or wilfull deception.

There will be no caps allowed in the final-phase CONCORD-free Chapter 3 systems, or at least that is what Hoboleaks suggests. No cynos, no caps through gates. The endgame will be subcap vs. subcap, EDENCOM vs. Trigs for all the marbles.

Or so it appears to me. The OP will very likely get his chance to shoot people without CONCORD getting involved. Just be patient there @Syn_Shi!

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Already seen nearly zero participation in low sec invasion system I did see. EDENCOM was smashing triglavians on a gate, winning it, no capsuleer to help each side.

There is that glorified low sec freedom but almost everyone have it where the sun don’t shine. :peach:



This is a months long event.

I have no idea how this will play out, but extrapolating anything from the first 48 hours is silly.

There is much more to come people, so sit back, and enjoy the ride!


The solution is pretty simple. More firepower. Get more people to join your side and eventually you’ll Alpha the target off the field regardless of reps.

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Hoboleaks has the cyno jammers as destroyable and nothing about any kind of gate locks I’ve seen. So… Yeah.

Cant both sides do this?

Yes both sides can.

And if you bring more dps they bring more reps and the circle jerk begins.

And for those that kept complaining it was broken…a 0.6 hi-sec system was won by the Trigs and it is effectively now a 0.3 system.

Props to those that were determined and kept on fighting.

Sure, but is it really a balance problem that some groups declare themselves to be playing by self-imposed limitations? It’s not like there’s anything stopping them from building capital ships or buying them on the market, other than their own decision not to do so.

Disagree. It favors the triglavians because of the way the stakes are arranged. The best the defenders can do is maintain the status quo, they can only lose or draw. Meanwhile the triglavian side has nothing to lose, they can only win or draw. So there’s definitely a question of how long the stalemate will last, but in the long run it’s extremely likely that eventually the defense will lapse and the attackers will exploit the opportunity to win.


:point_up_2: This.

It seems the devs overlooked at least one thing. A system can be converted from high to low sec, but so far cannot be converted from low to high. It may be only be a small factor, but it is still a factor that motivation and morale for Edencom players may be diminished without this reciprocal mechanism.

I hope it can go from Low to null. Then those staging from low (hiding) will now have to fight against the null meta.

So many avenues opening up for conflict.

It going to lowsec and giving us a free for all can be considered the answer to logistics for sure, but i also means accepting there is no real meaningful counter play to it for either side while it’s still in hisec, given the nature of it being a bunch of randoms taking either side and the 24hr wait on wardecs, with the only solution being n+1 games or for one side to accept losing out the first stage in order to fight back.

It’s theoretically worse for pro trig groups, because if edencom players field logi ships enmass to protect navy npcs and win the race, trig groups can’t even just ‘wait’ on a lowsec flip.

Don’t be ignorant. You know better.

Is it me or does every pro-trig poster a whiny baby. We have it so hard…ccplease, do something to balance it. Before this started they were all talking smack, now its just whine after whine about they have it so hard.


Typical reactions. :smile:

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Of course they can, just not in high sec. You should try to be less narrow-minded.