I guess this is the right place

Security status below 0 big joke.

Security status above 0, I dunno if I go with ubber joke or totally useless…



What is your point about negative or positive standings?

Security status starts having mechanic effects once you reach -2.0.

Now, the ability to have a sec status about 0.0 doesn’t matter a whole lot, but it does allow you to build up a little bit of a security status buffer. For example, say you’re a line member in a nullsec corp that sometimes fights in LS, and sometimes fights and/or travels through HS. You’ll likely pick up standings hits in LS, but probably don’t’ want to have to deal with faction popo and being a perma flashy when you do go into HS. Thus, you might be inclined to keep your sec status above -2.0. And the ability to take your sec status above 0.0 gives you a bigger buffer to work with -which is a good thing. It means youd on’t have to worry about losing out on sec status gains if you rat too much, or dealing with faction police if you do too many LS fleets too quickly.

Also, you should try to post constructively. If you have a question ask. If you think something is bad, at least explain why you think it is bad. And if you can (and are willing to brave community criticism), post a potential solution.

The higher your sec status, the more you lose, optimal is to keep it close to -2, if you are not shooting NPCs for other reasons. Tags are dead cheap atm, because ganking is low and CCP changed suspect flags in lowsec.

There is no fun in being negative all the time in space.

Stay positive and afk orca mine!


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