I knew it would fail but

Today I wanted to try some destruction and had come across a chance to as members of code was bumping folks, now their security status was 0.0 but that doesn’t discourage someone like them doesn’t care the gate guns killed my ship and I knew it would so is eve uni still a good place to learn PVP for alphas?

you can try 13 th edition - eve uni, good luck, have fun.

Red vs Blue is still up and running as well I believe and a good place to learn.

as is FW.
BTW 0.0 sec cant discourage anything, first minor issues start at -2.

Very true. 0.0 sec status is what everyone starts with and simply means you have not gone up by killing rats or down by commuting criminal offenses.

As such, the OP would not have been killed by gate guns, but rather by Concord for attack a non-suspect, non-criminal.

In order for someone to be attackable by other capsulers, their sec status must be -5.0.

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